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TigerNut Horchata, Granola and More

IMG_5085Ever heard of TigerNuts? First off, despite the name they’re actually completely nut-free. Organic Gemini has a line of products made with TigerNuts that are also gluten-free, non-gmo, organic, paleo and vegan. What’s great about these little root vegetables is that they have a ton of fiber, fiber and potassium along with some other vitamins and nutrients. Organic Gemini sells their Original Raw TigerNut snack, that unlike products from other TigerNut brands on the market are not treated with chemicals in the peeling process. Read on to see how many products Organic Gemini offers using these remarkable little superfoods! Continue reading

IMG_5061One of the products I was really excited to try since I was at Expo West was the TigerNut Horchata. I’m amazed at how many flavors they offer, from Strawberry and Banana to Coffee and Chai. These drinks as well as the Unsweetened and Original are great on their own, or they make a delicious addition to smoothies! My favorites, personally are the Banana, Coffee and Strawberry (either on their own or otherwise). There are literally endless ways that you can enjoy these to replace nut-based or dairy milks, you can even use them in your morning coffee or have them with a bowl of cereal or baked goods.

IMG_5107The Raw Snack is lightly sweet with a taste that reminds me of nuts. I like the fact that per serving these actually have a lot less fat but they have a good amount of fiber and vitamins that most nuts don’t have. Because these are starch-based, I find that they also keep me feeling full a lot longer. Plus I love the fact that you can feed these to anyone, without worrying that they might have a nut allergy. I can’t wait to post a gluten-free recipe using the TigerNut flour!

IMG_5150The TigerNut Granola is incredible! I can’t believe that it’s raw and made by dehydrating in order to preserve the nutrients. It comes in two flavors: Banana Cacao and Apple Cinnamon. Both have an excellent sweet, flavor but they are a lot more filling and crunchy than standard granola. In terms of texture, they remind me of a sweet cracker that becomes softened if you pour some of the Horchata over it, which happens to be a delicious breakfast!

IMG_7819My favorite of the granolas personally is the Apple Cinnamon, which honestly tastes like a sweet graham cracker with its crunchy texture. I love to use the granola to top my smoothies, or as a quick snack when I’m taking a break from working. For the photo above, I was all out of my TigerNut Horchata so I used coconut milk as a non-dairy and nut-free alternative. I had the granola with the non-dairy milk and some freshly cut apples cold, but you could probably also warm up the milk and apples and have it that way as well…I bet it would taste even more like apple pie if you did that and added some cinnamon!

Anyway, a big thank you to Organic Gemini for providing me with these samples of so many of their different products. Stay tuned for a gluten-free recipe coming to this blog soon featuring their TigerNut flour! If you happen to be on the East side of the country, check out their online store locator for places nearby that you can purchase their products. Otherwise, you can purchase them online and join the TigerNut Club for free shipping. Which products of these are you just dying to try first? Let me know in the comments below! 

Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake

A high-protein, gluten-free, lower-in-fat Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake @anotherhungryvegan.comRemember when I promised another Sprout Living recipe in my previous post? Well, you’re looking at it! After trying the Original, Chocolate Maca, and Green Kingdom EPIC Protein flavors I was just dying to use the Vanilla Lucuma in a recipe. This shake/smoothie is nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free and low in fat but still high in protein and fiber. I only recently started using buckwheat in smoothies, and I was amazed at how it makes them so creamy and filling. The frozen pear, vanilla, and spices all compliment the Vanilla Lucuma protein quite nicely. Keep reading on for the recipe! Continue reading

A high-protein, gluten-free, lower-in-fat Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake @anotherhungryvegan.comA high-protein, gluten-free, lower-in-fat Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake @anotherhungryvegan.comAs I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big fan of Sprout Living, and their newly reformulated EPIC Protein is pretty impressive! Not too long ago they sent me some samples including a cool shaker bottle and a full-size of their Green Kingdom (which I’m a big fan of as well). I think my favorite will always be the Chocolate Maca with the Vanilla Lucuma as a close second. In case you’re not familiar with lucuma or maca, both are considered “superfoods” for their nutritional benefits. However, what I really love about them is the unique flavor that they add to any smoothie. Throwing them into your favorite recipe really kicks things up a notch. These protein powders from Sprout Living are perfectly balanced with ingredients so that you get the superfoods with delicious flavors that are ready to be used. 

A high-protein, gluten-free, lower-in-fat Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake @anotherhungryvegan.com
Don’t forget, if you’re wanting to try Sprout Living for yourself…they have Epic Protein Venture Packs available for sale on their website so you can figure out what flavor(s) you love before buying full-sized tubs of each. Now, let me know in the comments below…what kind of recipe would YOU use the Vanilla Lucuma protein in?

Vanilla Lucuma Buckwheat Shake
Serves 1
A high-protein, gluten-free, lower-in-fat shake made with Sprout Living's Vanilla Lucuma from their EPIC Protein Line.
Write a review
  1. 1 1/4 cup cold, filtered water
  2. 1/4 cup buckwheat, pre-soaked and drained
  3. 1 pitted date, soaked and drained
  4. splash of vanilla and/or almond extract
  5. 1 frozen, sliced pear
  6. 1/2 tsp maca powder
  7. 1 pack/serving EPIC Protein: Vanilla Lucuma
  8. pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a smooth and creamy consistency. Add additional sweetener or ice if needed.
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Sunbiotics – Organic Probiotics

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comHow often do you REALLY think about your digestion? It turns out that a lot of Americans are having more than tummy troubles because of antibiotics that kill good bacteria and lack of important nutrients in their diets. I mentioned earlier this year that I’ve been looking to add more fermented foods into my diet, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in how I feel. Why fermented foods especially? Because they have great probiotic benefits to help return any digestive system back to normal. And, you guessed it, that’s where this review of Sunbiotics comes in! Sunbiotics is one of the Windy City Organics brands that I was given the opportunity to try and review. See what I thought of their line of Probiotic Almonds, powder and more! Continue reading

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst off, the almonds! It’s awesome to have this “healthy gourmet snack with the extra benefits of probiotics”, as Sunbiotics states on their website. The best part of these almonds is that they are made with sprouted, raw and organic almonds which means that they will already digest better than standard almonds. In addition, these have been enhanced with a vegan probiotic blend, with up to 8 billion CFU per package!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Chocolate almonds are lightly coated in cocoa powder. They’re not quite chocolate-covered, however they do have a nice richness when you combine the taste of the almond with the chocolate powder. The ingredients in this pouch are: organic sprouted raw almonds, organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut sugar, probiotic blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum I threw these almonds into a smoothie to make a cocoa-dusted almond milk base and it was incredible! You can expect to see the super sweet recipe sometime in the next few days over on my social media channels (see the links on the sidebar).

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Cheesy Almonds are made with a dusting of nooch and sea salt. These are lightly salty but nice and crunchy at the same time. I remember buying these a while back and they were one of my favorite flavors of all the Sunbiotics (and I think they still are). If you like nooch, I think you will enjoy these savory almonds. You could definitely crush some of these and throw them into some salad or pasta! Or possibly making a noochy sauce with the almonds thrown in!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Truffle Almonds are a close second as my favorite of all the Sunbiotics. Like the name suggests, these are made with a truffle sea salt. They don’t have the cheesiness of the nutritional yeast-coated almonds but the salt adds an excellent savory factor. If you’re usually buying and eating salted, roasted almonds then this is a fantastic healthy alternative to try instead. Plus, you get the probiotic benefit that you won’t find in any standard nuts.

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comIf you’re hesitant to try the flavored almonds at all, I would seriously recommend going with the Original Almonds first. These are simply raw sprouted almonds enhanced with probiotics, but similar to the other almonds, they don’t taste different because of the probiotic blend. You could easily throw these into your oatmeal or make some trail mix and share it with your friends and family. No one needs to know that these almonds are great for healthy digestion!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comSunbiotics also makes a powder so that it’s easier than ever to include probiotics in your daily routine. The Vanilla-flavored powder is made with organic superfoods including vanilla, mesquite, and yacon root, which each add a prebiotic benefit as well. The best part? You only have to add a third of a teaspoon. That’s right, one of these little jars has 45 servings per container that you can mix into your regular meals. These also come in different flavors for kids and in a tablet form if that’s more up your alley. I’ll be posting a fun recipe tomorrow using this Probiotic Powder, but you can really throw it into just about anything!

IMG_7698And…I know you were thinking it already. Yes, Probiotic Chocolate Hearts! Kind of appropriate for February/Valentine’s Day, no? The difference between these chocolates and your standard chocolate pieces is that you treat them more like a vitamin. One jar has about 30 servings, which is roughly a one-month supply if you want to have one every day. Just like with the almonds, these hearts taste like dark chocolate and nothing else. If only all vitamins were this delicious, then you would never forget to take them! Now in the comments, I want to know if you’ve tried any of these products from Sunbiotics or what your favorite ways to incorporate probiotics into your diet are! Check out Sunbiotics if you’re looking to purchase online and try some of these for yourself!

Pear, Sesame & Vanilla Shake

Dastony Review & a Pear, Sesame & Vanilla Shake @anotherhungryvegan.com
I really like tahini, and I mean REALLY. There’s just something about the rich, slightly bitter taste that I love combining with sweet flavors like fruit and Bee Free Honee. As promised, this is another review/recipe post using stone-ground raw and organic nut butters from Dastony. Expect of course, this one is nut-free since it’s made with raw sesame seeds. I basically took one of my favorite smoothie combos of all time (pears and almond butter) and turned it into an allergen-friendly, mostly-organic protein shake. Continue reading

Dastony Review & a Pear, Sesame & Vanilla Shake @anotherhungryvegan.com
First, I had to give you a preview of the Sesame Tahini itself. Wow, is this stuff good! Unlike most tahini you’ll find in the store this is actually made with raw sesame seeds. It’s also lower in sodium than your standard tahini yet it has a richness and a flavor that makes it really versatile. There’s something about this tahini that makes it so you can eat even the tiniest amount and be satisfied. Plus, the jars are portioned in a way that you don’t end up having all this extra stuff lying around to just eat with a spoon. I’ve been wanting to use some of this particular tahini from Dastony in hummus, but I decided that a smoothie would be more fun! 

Dastony Review & a Pear, Sesame & Vanilla Shake @anotherhungryvegan.com
The best part of this smoothie? The Bee Free Honee and tahini create an amazing balance of savory and sweet. It’s a great one to serve to kids and adults alike, plus you don’t have to worry about any nut allergies! I also added some Growing Naturals Vanilla Blast protein for an extra boost. In total, this smoothie has about 30G of protein. Can you believe it? As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the Growing Naturals Giveaway is still going on, so be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

Dastony Review & a Pear, Sesame & Vanilla Shake @anotherhungryvegan.com
As always I recommend everyone to try this with the ingredients that they have on hand. However, using this high-quality Sesame Tahini and organic brown rice protein will have a slightly different taste. The only thing you might not have on hand is the honee, but no worries! You can easily sub in agave, coconut sugar or dates to help sweeten things up. If you’re interested in purchasing Dastony, you can do so on the Dastony website. Which nut or seed butter are you wanting to try first?

Pear, Sesame and Vanilla Shake
Serves 1
A shake that's sure to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings all at once. Plus with extra protein to keep you full for longer!
Write a review
  1. 1 cup cold, filtered water
  2. 1 heaping Tbs Dastony Sesame Butter
  3. 1 frozen, pre-sliced pear
  4. 1/2 tsp maca powder
  5. 1/2 scoop Growing Naturals Vanilla Blast Protein
  6. 1 Tbs Bee-Free Honee (or agave, maple syrup, etc)
  7. ice
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a super smooth and creamy consistency. Add extra sweetener or ice if needed. Top with sesame seeds and enjoy!
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Coracao Confections Valentine’s Goodies

I can imagine that happiness looks something like getting chocolate delivered to your door. Am I wrong? I know Valentine’s Day is getting super close, but it’s never too late (or too early depending on when you read this) to start shopping for that special someone. Who did I buy these for you may ask? To be honest I bought a few different varieties for myself and as gift options to have on hand. Luckily, I had these just in time for my mom’s birthday and she helped me out in reviewing them! Find out what I thought of these treats from Coracao Confections, and afterwards order some (and scroll down for a 15% OFF promo code) from their online store today. Trust me on this one! Continue reading

My mom really likes peppermint patties, so I gave her the one from Coracao to try. It’s the one on the bottom left if you were wondering! She said it was a million times better than any “generic” peppermint patty brands that you find in most stores. There was a hint of coconut along with the mint that really complimented the rich chocolate flavor nicely.

The Crangerine Truffle on the bottom right(a holiday/seasonal variety) had a sweet, cranberry orange taste that went surprisingly fantastic with the dark chocolate. The taste was very smooth, yet almost airy when you bite into it. I think this was a splendid holiday treat that I will wish was sold all-year round!

IMG_8099Next, the Chai Spice Truffle (top left), which had a similar lightness with cacao and the traditional spices you find in chai. Now, normally I don’t care for chai with chocolate, but this was a nice surprise. I really like the fact that these truffles aren’t overly sweet and they are made with only high-quality ingredients. The flavors really speak for themselves.

Ok, a bit of a warning on this one (bottom right). If you don’t like coffee or espresso, you probably won’t be a big fan of this one. But if you are like me and really like the coffee-chocolate combo (and I mean good-quality coffee and chocolate) then this Espresso Ganache truffle is definitely for you. What a powerful coffee flavor in such a little morsel. This may be a little more espresso than coffee in terms of flavor, but it still retains the same richness of the other chocolates.

IMG_8133The After Dark Truffle (bottom left) is one of my favorites. It has a true, dark chocolate flavor and a mousse filling along with many of the other truffles. If you or someone you know loves only the darkest chocolates, this is the one to try first for sure!

Also, the Almond Coconut Dream (top left) which tastes like a Mounds bar in truffle form! From what I can remember at least, although I think this is even better. The inside is soft and chewy, with a strong hit of coconut and actual flakes. This tastes how a candy bar should!

Last but not least of the truffles, the Almond Butter Bon Bon (top, second to left). This had a filling that oozed right out of the truffle as I bit into it. I could definitely taste the maca powder in here as well as the coconut sugar that gave it note of a toffee. I didn’t love this one compared to the other flavors, but if you like almond butter and cocoa together this might be right up your alley!

I couldn’t wait to try the Blondie Bar! It looks like a chocolate-dipped cookie and has a faint coconut and chocolate smell. The taste? Like a chewy coconut and vanilla cookie with a nice surprise. It’s advertised as a butterscotch cookie dough flavored macaroon dipped in 81% dark chocolate. Though the chocolate is really dark, the sweetness of the cookie helps to balance it out. After a couple bites, the bar really did taste like a sweet and buttery cookie. This bar is actually a pretty decent size, and you could even split it with someone special if you like.

IMG_8149Did someone say bacon? Relax, it’s coconut bacon! This make an excellent addition to your salads, sandwiches, and both sweet and savory dishes as an added topping. Or, you can just eat it out of the bag by the handful. No judging here! This would also make a great gift to bacon-lovers (omnivores and plant-eaters alike) or for someone who prefers savory treats to sweet ones! Just to be on the safe side, you can even get them one pack of coconut bacon and some truffles to see which they prefer.

I’ve been eyeing the other Coracao spreads, since trying their fantastic Salted Almond Caramel one that I tried in a smoothie recipe here. This particular spread is an almond butter with cacao nibs inside, and it has a nice nutty but surprisingly decadent taste from the nibs. It’s not overly sweet, and thanks to the coconut sugar, and maca this has a slight caramel-taste that makes it a wonderful treat even simply on a spoon. Oh, and if you are looking for a pick-me-up, this smoothie is truly worth trying, especially since it has some Coracao in it!

I thought this small box set was the perfect gift for my mom and I think she agreed! This one comes with everything from a Caramel Cup to a Raspberry Fudge Truffle. Now, I’m not going to go too in-depth with this one, but some of the favorites were the Hazelnut Mousse Truffle and the Berkley Bar, which is Coracao’s take on the classic SnickersĀ® bar. A gift set like this is great because there is one truffle per flavor so the recipient of your gift gets to try them all! Also, this comes pre-packaged in a cute box with a bow tied around it, so you can have it shipped right to their door.

IMG_5889As part of this post, I also decided to do a special GIVEAWAY just in time for Valentine’s Day! Coracao Confections was incredibly generous to send me not one, but TWO Valentine’s Gift Boxes and some of their Love Potion Hot Cocoa. These items are both full of high-quality chocolate and ingredients like maca, rose oil and vanilla that are perfect for any romantic gift. In fact, the hot cocoa is infused with 18 roses so it’s definitely great for special occasions!

IMG_5847As you can see, this is a super fancy gift box that you or someone else is sure to love. The box contains a Berry Caramel Heart, Raw Fudge Truffle, Goji & Almond Heart,  whipped cashew butter Caramel Cup and a Rose Truffle. Can you imagine how good they all taste?! To enter, just follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter giveaway below. The winner will be announced Wednesday, good luck to everyone! For anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the giveaway winner to be announced, you can order from Coracao Confections directly and get 15% off your entire order with the code “hungry vegan” at checkout! This code is only good until Valentine’s Day, so I would definitely take full advantage of it while you can.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Righteously Raw Chocolate

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comValentine’s Day is just around the corner…and you know what that means! Good food, candy, baked goods and of course chocolate! Now, rather than buying your special someone a box of cheap chocolates I have a proposition in mind. Why not give them some super-high quality, vegan superfood chocolates made with organic, raw ingredients? Sure they won’t be as cheap as the store-bought options, but whoever you give them as a gift to will be able to tell the difference right away! I am so thankful to Righteously Raw for reaching out and sending me such a wide variety of their chocolates to try out! Find out what I thought about their bars and other products, and which ones I highly recommend for you to try for yourself. Plus, keep reading to find out how you can get 15% OFF your next order! Continue reading

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comIf one thing goes great with cacao, it’s maca! So, if you didn’t guess it already, the Maca Bar is a wonderful treat and eating it is quite the experience. This bar is made of cacao butter, dates, raisins, agave, vanilla, pink salt, and maca, mesquite and cacao powder. This has a rich, smoky almost malty flavor due to the maca and mesquite. If you liked Kit Kat bars, these are actually really similar in how you eat them. You break off a long piece, and each piece of the bar has this goey and decadent filling inside. If you’re curious about the benefits of maca I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but it’s really helpful with improving endurance, energy, and keeping hormones in check. This Maca bar was the first of all of the chocolates that I tried, but I could already tell that the others were going to be excellent. 

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comGoji and Cacao are not ingredients I have together often, and I’m really not sure why! Both happen to be excellent superfoods with unique flavors. As soon as I broke into this bar, a gooey goji, fig and raisin filling emerged. This bar also contains organic mesquite pod powder, but it doesn’t have as much of a smoky flavor as the other bar since this one doesn’t have any maca powder. Although as a dark chocolate bar, this one is perfectly rich, yet chewy due to the filling in the middle. If you or someone you know loves fruit and chocolate together, then I think this is a great first bar to try out!

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Caramel Bar, with Lucuma and Cacao was definitely one of my favorites of all three that I tried. This one is also made with all-organic ingredients: dates, lucuma fruit powder, vanilla, pink salt, cacao butter and powder and agave. This bar was just as rich as the others, but it had an extra sweetness from the lucuma. In case you’re wondering, the lucuma is rich in beta-carotene and iron and is a natural sweetener. I actually tried some of the filling on its own and wow, it truly does taste like a milky caramel. It was a great addition to this bar because along with being good for you, it really balances out the rich, deep flavor of the cacao. The filling inside was creamy and decadent, just like you would find in any traditional caramel-chocolate bar only way better. If you like sweet flavors over the more smoky flavors, I think this is the bar for you! 

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Maca Bite Size bar is actually quite generous in size, despite the name. It’s the perfect square of chocolate for after dinner or lunch, or for when you get a sudden chocolate craving. I love the flavor of the maca that adds a malty and smoky essence. Plus this bar isn’t as sweet as the others so if you are more of a savory person, you might end up liking this bar the most!

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comThe 83% Pure Dark Cacao bite-sized bar is just what I had hoped it would be. A rich, chocolately treat packed into a small square of chocolate. The darker the cacao, the better in terms of not just flavor but also health-wise. I can tell this is made with really high quality dark chocolate, and because of that I really only need one square at a time.

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comSpeaking of “the way chocolate ought to be”, may I introduce to you this beautiful coconut and cacao macaroon. I was honestly expecting more of a macaroon cookie in the shape of a ball, but I was pleasantly surprised with this fancy chocolate truffle! It’s actually a coconut macaroon dipped in chocolate, and what’s better than that? This bar gets its sweetness from agave, vanilla and coconut palm nectar which give it a buttery, cookie-dough like taste that’s just incredible!

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comThe last three bite-sized bars are from top to bottom, Rose, Mint and Spice. The Rose bar is a beautiful pink color because of the raspberries and beet in the ingredients. It about half a sweet, lightly fruity taste and half a rich cacao/chocolate flavor. I have to say it again, this bar is a super pretty hue that you don’t find in most chocolate bars!

The Mint bar was one that both my mom and I really enjoyed. She tends to go for mint and chocolate combos first (which I can’t blame her for), and I think this bar is a great reason why. The mint comes from essential peppermint oil with no refined sugar. This bar is refreshing from the mint but still nicely rich and not too sweet from the organic cacao, vanilla and just a little agave.

Righteously Raw Chocolate @anotherhungryvegan.comLastly, the Spice bar which not-surprisingly, has a definite kick to it. The chocolate itself is very rich, and probably a little less sweet as the other bite-sized bars. The spices? Cinnamon, cayenne, and aji panca powder (which I found out is a type of pepper). Sometimes, it’s nice to have some spice in your life but if you are super sensitive, then you might want to pass on it. However, don’t forget that spicy foods have a lot of health benefits and not to mention, sinus-clearing abilities!

So, now that you know more about Righteously Raw, I’m sure you’re getting a hankering for some high-grade, raw chocolates. No worries, you can shop on their online store to purchase some treats of your own. In fact, Righteously Raw gave me a code so you can save 15% off your order (which is the perfect excuse to buy more chocolate)! Just don’t forget to use the code AHV15 before your purchase is complete. If you’re wanting to purchase a Valentine’s present for your special someone, be sure to pick up at least a bar or two for yourself!

Go Raw Snacks

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comRemember when I talked about incorporating more raw foods into my diet? Since my favorite raw vegan restaurant closed its doors, I’ve been wanting to try new raw foods including smoothie recipes, desserts and even snacks. Luckily Go Raw sent me a few of their Flax Snax and Super Chips and they were so much fun to try out! There are 6 different flavors that I got to sample, and I never would’ve thought that raw, gluten-free, nut-free snacks made of seeds would taste so good! Continue reading

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst, let me begin with the Simple Flax Snax. These, along with the other snacks are completely organic, raw and made with just a couple ingredients. The Simple variety is made of sprouted flax and sesame seeds with tomato powder. These two specific seeds can help manage cholesterol and blood pressure as just a few of the benefits. I think the Simple Flax Snax are a great option to have with dips such as salsa, hummus or guacamole. On their own they are pretty mild in flavor, but they have a great crunch that is perfect for dipping!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comNext, I went for the Sunflower Flax Snax. In addition to the flax, sesame, and tomato powder, these also have sunflower seeds, lime juice, coconut aminos, and garlic powder. Because of the sunflower seeds and the garlic, I found that these had a nutty and almost cheesy taste. They are definitely a savory snack, with all the benefits of sunflower seeds which have Vitamins E, B1, magnesium, selenium and more. Instead of reaching for the roasted and salted sunflower seeds that are super high in sodium and fats (due to added oils), go for these healthy varieties instead!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Spicy Flax Snax were a little intimidating at first when I saw that they had jalapeno and spices. I was afraid that they would be way too spicy, but they were actually a pleasant surprise! I could definitely taste the cilantro, a hint of the jalapeno and garlic, and a blend of spices. With the crispy texture, these reminded me of a cracker with spice seasonings. Of course, these ones are wheat and gluten-free with a bonus of 5g of fiber, 5g of protein and healthy fats with no preservatives or extra processing.

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comI was skeptical, to be honest, of the Pizza Flax Snax at first. However, the second I opened the bag they had the exact aroma of a slice of pizza! I could pick up the flavors of tomato, oregano, salt and garlic which reminded me instantly of the ingredients in pizza sauce. To be honest, once I started eating these, I didn’t want to stop because they were so good. If I had the choice to go for actual pizza or these snacks, I would actually prefer the raw option! The good thing is that after eating these, you don’t feel bloated or so full that you feel uncomfortable like you might feel after eating a few slices of pizza (vegan or not). 

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Super Chips are a little different than the Flax Snacks in terms of texture and some of the ingredients. They have a chewier taste, similar to that of the Super Cookies but with a little less sweetness. The Pumpkin chips are made with sprouted pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and dates, with a little agave and salt. I would say the most prominent flavor is the pumpkin seeds, followed by the sweetness of the agave and dates, then a light salty taste. I love the fact that these are a great balance between salty and sweet, and because of that they’re really versatile. I could enjoy these at any time of the day on their own or with some fruit, spreads or nut butters!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Spirulina Super Chips tasted a lot like the Spirulina Energy Bar that I tried and reviewed on this blog in the past. I could both smell and taste the banana which gave these a light, fruity taste that masked any hint of the spirulina. If it weren’t for the green color, I would actually have no idea that these had any spirulina even in them. Because these have coconut, banana and dates in them I think they taste more like a dessert than a chip. Since I like sweets so much, however, I am perfectly fine with that! Now, these aren’t overly sweet but they do have a light coconutty flavor that I loved so much in the Super Cookies. Share a bag of these with your friends and they will be amazed at how tasty they are, despite the name and the color!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comA huge thanks to Go Raw for providing these snacks! It has definitely helped me to make smarter, healthier choices throughout the day when I’m having a snack attack. If you’re curious about where to get your hands on a bag or two of their products, you can buy them online or in most natural foods grocery stores. Based on my review or otherwise, which of these different snacks are you wanting to try first?

Mushroom Matrix

Do you need an energy boost this Monday? What about immunity?Or, are you starting out a new fitness routine and need an added boost? Mushroom Matrix has got you covered! Find out why mushrooms are the new superfoods this year in my latest review, and as a bonus get the recipe for a fantastic Tahini Espresso Protein Shake.Have you Heard? Mushrooms are all the rage in 2015! Literally, they’re making their way onto the list of superfoods to start incorporating into your diet this year. That’s one of the many reasons I’m so excited to bring to you my latest review of a company I recently discovered. Mushroom Matrix makes a line of powders and more that are super easy to add into any drink or smoothie to start reaping the benefits of different kinds of mushrooms.  This company grows the certified organic mushrooms, processes and packages them into powders that you can buy online and try for yourself! Their products are all gluten-free, raw, vegan, kosher, and grown right in the state of California. Continue reading

Do you need an energy boost this Monday? What about immunity?Or, are you starting out a new fitness routine and need an added boost? Mushroom Matrix has got you covered! Find out why mushrooms are the new superfoods this year in my latest review, and as a bonus get the recipe for a fantastic Tahini Espresso Protein Shake.So, what are the benefits of mushrooms? After doing some research online, I was amazed at how many healing properties they have. Of course, we are talking the legal mushrooms of the non hallucinogenic variety (just to get things straight). Some of these benefits include heightened immunity, sustained energy and increased focus. Mushroom Matrix has a few different varieties, from single species to mushroom blends, to fit everyone’s unique needs. Whether you are focused on beauty, immunity or detoxing in the New Year, there is a product that has been customized just for you.

Do you need an energy boost this Monday? What about immunity?Or, are you starting out a new fitness routine and need an added boost? Mushroom Matrix has got you covered! Find out why mushrooms are the new superfoods this year in my latest review, and as a bonus get the recipe for a fantastic Tahini Espresso Protein Shake.Mushroom Matrix sent me their NRGmatrix to try first. I was under the assumption at first that it’s solely to be used a pre-workout energizer, but it is also recommended to help prepare for travel, studying and life in general. Since NRGmatrix is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it’s a really good idea to have some when you are going to be in a high-stress situation and are in need of stronger immunity.  Mushroom Matrix’s products are a fantastic way to kick off your fitness goals and New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, fitter and happier. Always as a caution, consult your doctor if needed before starting a new fitness routine. Remember that these products are to be included with a healthy diet and are not complete substitutes for food. When you combine them with a balanced diet and exercise, however you will start noticing the positive affects rather quickly!

Do you need an energy boost this Monday? What about immunity?Or, are you starting out a new fitness routine and need an added boost? Mushroom Matrix has got you covered! Find out why mushrooms are the new superfoods this year in my latest review, and as a bonus get the recipe for a fantastic Tahini Espresso Protein Shake.NRGmatrix is super easy to use, simply poor it into a shaker bottle or regular bottle of water and mix it up by shaking. It does contain some caffeine, but as the company mentions, the source is derived from plants so you don’t get a jittery feeling or crash after it wears off. I decided to try it as a pre-workout drink in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve actually tried some pre-workout energizers in the past and they were honestly not that great in taste and many left me feeling really shaky and buzzed from the caffeine. Luckily, NRGmatrix tasted great and gave me the focus and energy boost that I needed. It is not a product of theirs that I will use every single day, but rather when I am in need of a little extra push to power through my workout.

Do you need an energy boost this Monday? What about immunity?Or, are you starting out a new fitness routine and need an added boost? Mushroom Matrix has got you covered! Find out why mushrooms are the new superfoods this year in my latest review, and as a bonus get the recipe for this fantastic Tahini Espresso Protein Shake.Now, one product that I can imagine myself having every day or so is the Fit Matrix. This one includes both Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms to improve oxygen delivery to your cells and to fight fatigue. This is a great option for athletes and generally active people to include in their routine because it also helps with muscle repair and overall vitality. As recommended, I blend one teaspoon of the powder in with my post-workout smoothies for a boost. What’s great is that I can’t even taste any hint of mushroom in the smoothie, but I feel better knowing that it’s in there. Here you can find just one of the recipes I’ve come up with using the Fit Matrix, and stay tuned for a few more recipes that will be coming soon!