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So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream

IMG_4445So Delicious recently debuted their new line of vegan ice cream made with cashew milk, and I was blown away when I tried it at Expo West. In the past, I honestly haven’t been a regular buyer of their coconut-based ice cream because they are just a little too strong in coconut flavor for me. However, I loved their unsweetened cashew milks when I first tried them so it was inevitable that I would love these. Ice cream was one of my favorite treats before going vegan, and I tend to be really picky with a lot of the vegan varieties on the market. Read on to see what I thought of the different flavors of their cashew-based dairy-free pints! Continue reading

IMG_4418IMG_4460One of the first flavors I went for was the Salted Caramel Cluster. The flavor is described as a sweet and salty delight featuring chocolate covered cashews and a ribbon of salted caramel. I found that this one had a definitely salty taste from the caramel balanced with the sweetness of the ice cream base. I think the cashew milk worked really well in this instance, and I loved the dark chocolate covered cashew pieces. I think the chocolatey pieces added a nice crunch and a diversion from the caramel flavor that would be a little overpowering otherwise. Overall, I would definitely try this one again!

IMG_4618Next I went for the Dark Chocolate Truffle, a fair trade cocoa decadence folded with fudge and premium shaved chocolate. I expected a little bit more of a rich, fudgy taste but the chocolate flavor was nice overall. It wasn’t quite as decadent as I was expecting from the name alone, and I don’t know if this one was quite as good as some of the other flavors. However, I am happy that So Delicious chose a fair trade cocoa in the ingredients!

IMG_5542 I was excited to try the Cappuccino flavor because I’m always looking for new coffee-flavored desserts. This one unfortunately was a little too sweet for me, and didn’t have enough of a coffee flavor for me. I also thought that it had a different aftertaste, likely from the cashew milk, that I couldn’t get past. On its own, I’m not a big fan of the Cappuccino. However, I think it would be really good mixed with some hot fudge and coconut whipped cream, or used in a milkshake or frappuccino recipe.

IMG_3486As you might’ve seen on this blog already, I used the Creamy Cashew ice cream in a delicious Big Wheel Recipe. This one is described as a gourmet delight with a touch of fair-trade vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. I found that this particular flavor was an excellent addition to salted chocolate chip cookies for the ultimate salty and sweet pairing. I have a feeling this one would make a great staple to have in your freezer to top your baked goods with. I think everyone loves some homemade treats topped with a generous scoop of ice cream!

IMG_6053Ok, I saved the best for last. The Snickerdoodle is something else! In fact, this was one of the few flavors I actually tried twice (and if you know me that’s a rarity). This one is a cinnamon delight loaded with chunks of gluten-free snickerdoodle cookie dough! If that doesn’t sound good, then I have no idea what does! Snickerdoodles have always been a favorite flavor cookie of mine, and at first I was a little skeptical that So Delicious would be able to mimic that flavor. This far exceeded my expectations, with little chunks of the cookie dough mixed right into the ice cream! Plus it’s gluten-free, so everyone can have a bite of this heavenly dessert!

A big thanks to So Delicious for sending me these samples so I could give all the new products a try! This review included my honest, first impressions of the products and overall I’m pretty impressed. Don’t forget to check out their store locator to see if So Delicious carries products at your local grocery store (hopefully it’s the cashew ice cream!).

Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryveganIf you know me, then it’s no mystery to hear that I love both chocolate and ice cream equally. But honestly, who doesn’t? And why should you have to choose? Growing up my family and I would vacation to the lake, and after a long day in the sun it became a tradition to go to the local grocery mart to pick up a Big Wheel. If you don’t know what that is, well essentially it’s a cookie ice cream sandwich. Big Wheel’s were delicious, full of processed ingredients and definitely not vegan. Since the weather’s been so nice, I decided on these homemade big wheels that ended up being a big hit in our house. Keep reading on to see how you can make this easy recipe for yourself! Continue reading

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryveganMy latest review of Salazon got me thinking of some delicious ways to incorporate their Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt bars. This bar has the wonderful richness of a dark chocolate bar with some hidden sprinkles of sea salt mixed in. I rarely have chocolate chips on hand, because I much prefer mixing in actual chunks of dark chocolate into baked goods. Plus the cookies come out looking a lot fancier in my opinion and you don’t have to worry about seeking out vegan chocolate chips in the first place.

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryvegan A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryvegan One of the secrets to these cookies is making them large enough for sandwiches, at least if you want to make them like traditional Big Wheels. However, if you want you can have these cookies plain or à la mode with your favorite vanilla or chocolate ice cream then go for it!

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryveganThe reason you want to make your cookies a certain sizes is because of this “Life Hack”. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to spoon out your dough to make six larger cookies as opposed to one dozen of the normal size. After your cookies have cooked completely (don’t leave them “half-baked” or too soft), let them cool and then it’s time to assemble! Simply take your vegan ice cream (I recommend coconut or cashew-based) and let it thaw for just a few minutes. Remove the lid and using a serrated knife, cut about half an inch off of the pint from the top. Simply peel off the packaging and smush (lightly) between two cookies.

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryveganBy using a pint of ice cream itself for the filling, rather than scooping out the ice cream, you’re left with a perfect flat filling  that presents itself quite nicely. I challenge you to experiment with different ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, coconut, chocolate, or even berry. The recipe I used for this batch will be posted below, but seriously…don’t be afraid to get creative!

A homemade, vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that's perfect for any occasion! Find the recipe at @anotherhungryveganThe recipe makes about 3 sandwiches, just so you know. I like to store these by wrapping each assembled sandwich and placing in an airtight container in the freezer. Or, you can just eat them right after putting the sandwiches together. I’ll admit, it’s hard to go through the whole day knowing these are in your freezer and saving them for dessert. Regardless of when you choose to make (and eat) these, they are super easy to prepare and much tastier than any Big Wheel I have ever had!

Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
Yields 3
A homemade Big Wheel ice cream sandwich that's vegan, preservative-free and still completely delicious!
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  1. 1 cup whole wheat flour (I used a little extra for high-altitude baking)
  2. 1 tsp baking powder
  3. pinch salt
  4. 1/2 cup unbleached, vegan sugar
  5. 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
  6. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  7. 1/4 cup water
  8. 1/2 bar dark chocolate, finely chopped
  9. 1 pint of your favorite vegan ice cream
  1. Begin by preheating the oven to 350º and mixing the sugar, coconut oil and vanilla extract together in a bowl. Add in the flour, baking powder, salt and water. Mix until a doughy consistency forms. Fold in the chopped dark chocolate until well-combined.
  2. Place the rounded dough onto a greased or lined cookie sheet, forming 6 uniform larger pieces of dough. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the cookies are fully cooked and slightly browned. Be careful not to overcook.
  3. Allow the cookies to cool completely. Let the ice cream thaw slightly before assembling the cookies. Remove the top lid of the ice cream pint, then using a serrated knife slice about 1/2 an inch off the top to make the sandwich filling. To assemble, sandwich the ice cream (removing the carton around the section) between the two cookies and smush lightly.
  4. To store, wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and an airtight container or store in a plastic bag. Allow to thaw slightly if serving them straight from the freezer. Split with someone, or enjoy all for yourself!
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Ciao Bovina Cashew-Based Ice Cream

IMG_1324Ciao Bovina is another local Colorado company that specializes in non-dairy, cashew-based ice creams. These happen to be coconut and soy free, and are completely plant-based (also non-gmo!). This was my first time every trying a cashew ice cream, and honestly I had been missing out until now! The Peppermint Bark flavor was the first flavor of Ciao Bovina that I ever tried, and it was truly incredible! I was sad when I found out that this was only a seasonal flavor because I could honestly eat this any time of the year. It has a creamy consistency with these chocolate chunks in it. The peppermint flavor was just right and I liked the little candy cane pieces in here.

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IMG_5990Chocolate Rhapsody was nice and creamy and just the perfect amount of chocolate. This was wonderful with a little rice whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. You could mix in some nuts, fruit, or candy/brownie pieces if you felt like something different.

IMG_6364Simply Vanilla, because you can never go wrong with vanilla. I enjoyed this with a little hot fudge chocolate sauce and fresh berries. For a vanilla ice cream this was not plain at all! If you wanted to take this even further, it would be great in a cone, a hot fudge sundae, a milkshake, a homemade ice cream sandwich, aside some cookies or cake, the list really goes on!

IMG_6981Honestly this Lemon Hazelnut flavor was my least favorite, but I think that’s just because I don’t really like hazelnuts that much. However, I did enjoy the refreshing lemon taste and the lightness that this dessert has to it. Perfect for the spring or summer months!

IMG_7508This Italian Strawberry flavor was a really nice surprise! It actually has balsamic vinegar in it, which is something that goes great with strawberries (ever tried strawberries in a salad?). This actually had a nice and light taste to it. With some chocolate syrup, rice whip and a fresh strawberry this was truly decadent.

IMG_7379Ancho Cafe Fudge Swirl is a new flavor, and I was so excited to try it! This flavor sounds a little odd, but I promise it is incredible! It’s basically a mocha/coffee ice cream with a fudge swirl and just a kick of the chile, which is more of an aftertaste. I highly recommend this flavor if you can find it! Now unfortunately, Ciao Bovina is only available in select Colorado stores, but hopefully one day they will be able to get their product in other locations around the country. If you do happen to be in Colorado, I highly recommend that you find these and try them for yourself! They have a store locator on their website.

Coconut Bliss – Ice Cream Bars

IMG_2148After they saw my reviews on ALL of their ice cream pints on this blog, Coconut Bliss was so kind and sent me a cool water bottle and some free product coupons so I would get to try their bars! was so thrilled to get to taste all four of their bar flavors! So now, here we go again (there aren’t nearly as many flavors this time though, don’t worry).

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This is the first bar I tried-Naked Coconut-because it’s basically the “original” flavor, and it’s always a good idea to start there. Just like this flavor from the ice cream pint, the naked coconut is very mild and not-too sweet. However, it is really good when paired with some fresh fruit or dipped in chocolate (although I can’t speak from experience…)

The chocolate flavor was really nice, just like the chocolate in the Coconut Bliss pints. It reminded me of a fudge bar, but it was even more decadent and rich in flavor. This is one bar flavor I would highly recommend if you have to choose just one!

I was excited to try this Strawberry Love flavor, but found it to be just “ok”. I will say though, that I appreciated how natural the strawberry flavor was (using organic and simple ingredients). However, I think that’s why the flavor was pretty subtle and didn’t read off as “strawberry” to me but rather some other kind of fruit.

I saved the best for last, really! I liked the cappuccino pint flavor a lot, so I really wasn’t surprised at how tasty the bar was (maybe even more so). I love the little “latte” art on the bar too, I think that was a nice touch. This tastes like a rich, creamy latte and yet not too sweet.

NadaMoo! Coconut Milk Ice Cream

tumblr_ml2t2hfSLd1s3uefeo1_1280Not that long ago, I first stumbled upon NadaMoo’s ice cream at Whole Foods right next to the So Delicious coconut ice cream. NadaMoo! is really different than other vegan ice creams because it is organic, gluten free and a much healthier option. It has much fewer calories, sugar, fat, and it’s also soy free. This was a brand I had never heard of before, but I was really intrigued because it sounded delicious and it was something new to try! Continue reading

tumblr_ml2t2hfSLd1s3uefeo2_1280This chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk was delicious, and organic too! I added some shredded coconut for added flavor and texture. It’s still good on it’s own though, I promise. I actually have always loved plain ice cream on its own, and this flavor was no exception. Chocolate ice cream is really versatile because you can mix in your own toppings such as fruit, nuts, candy, sprinkles, pretty much anything you want. NadaMoo! was incredibly kind and sent me some of their pints in the mail! I finally got to try the flavors that I couldn’t find anywhere at Whole Foods or other grocery stores I shop at. Here’s what I thought about each of these.

NadaMoo! Java Crunch wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting, but it had a really rich coffee taste to it that paired well with the chocolate chips. I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I still thought this was pretty good. I literally was just talking to some people earlier today who said that this is their favorite flavor. How funny!

NadaMoo! Mmm…Maple Pecan ice cream is wonderful! I’m not usually a fan of pecans but they gave the ice cream a crunch and added to the flavor. I knew I would like this ice cream just from the smell, which had an authentic and sweet maple aroma that was even more noticeable when I ate it. At this point I was so eager to try the other flavors!

IMG_1590This was the chocolate almond chip and it was absolutely incredible! Their chocolate ice cream is one of my all-time favorites. This had such a good flavor and texture and this is one I have had a couple of times already. I think this might be one of my new favorite ice cream flavors, even including ice cream I had long before going vegan.

I didn’t know what to expect out of this one, but it was actually unexpectedly tasty! Reminded me of a cherry-lime soda except with coconut milk in it. This is not to be confused with a sorbet, which is what I thought it would have been from the name of it.

tumblr_mwqvv23ZaK1s3uefeo1_1280NadaMoo! Vanilla…ahh ice cream with organic chocolate fudge and some sliced almonds. The vanilla was just perfect on its own, I just always like to add some toppings because I like the crunch. Plus I find that things like fruit or nuts can enhance the vanilla flavor in the ice cream.

tumblr_mx00azB8yw1s3uefeo2_1280NadaMoo! Creamy Coconut, with organic chocolate fudge sauce and fresh strawberries. Just like with the vanilla, I wanted to add some toppings to it. I think this stuff would also be amazing in a milkshake! I’m not really that adventurous, but if you are go for it!

IMG_1383NadaMoo! sent me their newest flavors to try, along with a classic of theirs that I never got the chance to try! This literally made my day despite the cold weather outside. Naturally I went for the Bananas for PB & Chocolate first. The texture was creamy and smooth like soft serve, but it had a chocolate-covered banana flavor that I loved. I really enjoyed the banana chunks in the ice cream and the nuts that were both a nice surprise. This is a must-try for sure!

IMG_1461Two things I really love: vanilla and chai. It’s no wonder then why I was in awe over this Vanilla Cha-Cha-Chai! It was perfectly sweet, with the warmth of the chai spices. I loved the soft and silky texture that this ice cream has.

IMG_2041Last but not least…Lotta Mint Chip! What a great flavor to end this review with. It’s even slightly tinted green, with spirulina instead of some weird food dyes. I actually prefer this mint chip to the others I have tried from any other company. The chocolate chips were the perfect size (I don’t care for crushed chocolate bits or chocolate squares) and the mint flavor was just right. As usual the ice cream was incredibly creamy and the added in chips gave a great crunch. I have been so impressed with this company, both by their products and their customer service (and I can’t thank them enough for sending me their products to try). Check out their ice cream and see if they sell it near you, you won’t want to miss it!

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss…Part 2

Here is part 2 of my review for the Coconut Bliss ice cream pints. Yes, I had to split this review into two parts. Looking for part one? You can check it out right here. Continue reading

Starting out the post strong. This is literally my all-time flavor of Coconut Bliss! I loved the little cookie bits in here and the caramel swirl was incredible. The ginger wasn’t too spicy at all, and though it sounded like an odd combination I absolutely loved it! How many times do you get to eat vegan ice cream with caramel anyway?

Coconut Bliss chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It’s a chocolate base with peanut butter chunks throughout. It’s also delicious, although I do wish the peanut butter were more pronounced. It did taste like a natural peanut butter though, which I appreciated because it wasn’t overly sweet. There were some really good chunks of peanut butter in here.

This Mocha Maca Crunch had a really good base, although the maca pieces were bitter and took away from the sweetness of the mocha a little bit. I bet if you like maca though you would like this a lot!

Salted Caramel and Chocolate-a new flavor! I was actually expecting it to have more chocolate, but the caramel and salted taste was really nice! I really liked the caramel swirl, although I think this would’ve been even more decadent with a chocolate base.

IMG_7543 IMG_7565
I added fresh fruit and organic chocolate syrup to this flavor. Mostly because the Lunaberry Swirl had a really plain taste, almost just like the naked coconut. I really didn’t think it was bad, but I would’ve liked to get a fruitier feeling from it.

I generally don’t like a lot of coffee-flavored things, but I was pleasantly surprised by this! I expected the Cappuccino to be very bitter and without a lot of sweetness, but I found that it was really balanced. I added some organic chocolate syrup to make it more of a mocha-cappuccino which was really delicious.

Last but not least…Pineapple Coconut. The idea of this sounded really good and it didn’t have a bad taste. However, I was really expecting more pineapple to be in there, which is why I added my own fruit to it. If you like the Naked Coconut one you would probably like this because there seems to be a pineapple “hint” to it.

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss…Part 1

Now, I’m a big fan of (vegan) ice cream. Coconut Bliss was a brand I didn’t discover until 2012, however I was so happy that I did! Get ready, I decided to review ALL the pints I have tried over the period of this year. This is probably going to have to get posted in multiple parts, but anyway here we go! Continue reading

tumblr_mmmin0JQGd1s3uefeo2_1280This was the first flavor I ever tried from Coconut Bliss, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a little expensive so I was hoping that it would be worth the cost. Oh my goodness, was it good! Sometimes I don’t really care for hazelnuts but I hardly noticed them in this other than the crunch. The chocolate base was my favorite part, and I liked that even though it was coconut milk it didn’t overwhelm the whole ice cream with a coconut-taste.

I’m crazy about this ice cream! I’ve only tried a couple so far, but I really like the texture of this with the chips and the creamy consistency of the ice cream. This one had a stronger coconut flavor, but I didn’t mind it and I thought the mint tasted like REAL mint. Also I am so happy this ice cream wasn’t dyed with artificial colors like so many mint ice creams are!

The Vanilla Island was nice and plain, but still very tasty. This is the perfect ice cream to have with baked goods as a topping or some fresh fruit. I tried this with different toppings like chocolate chips and sprinkles just to enhance the flavor and add some crunch.

tumblr_mokgn7hrzo1s3uefeo2_1280This Chocolate Walnut Brownie flavor was wonderful. I loved the little chunks in it, but even the base is really good. Chocolate ice cream on its own was always one of my favorites growing up and I always liked to add different toppings or candy to it. Obviously this is a much better choice for me, and I think it tastes just as good!

tumblr_movsv8j5aj1s3uefeo2_1280Speaking of plain chocolate ice cream…this was just incredible! Just like the other chocolate coconut bliss flavors without the add-ins.

tumblr_mpdixyofBI1s3uefeo2_1280This one is delicious without any toppings, but I added some almonds just to make it more interesting. The ice cream itself has the naked coconut ice cream swirled with fudge and almonds mixed in. It has a nice crunch to it, but the sliced almonds I added took it to another level.

tumblr_mpph4i3hbB1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_mpph4i3hbB1s3uefeo3_1280Added a warmed nectarine to Coconut Bliss’s Naked Coconut with some sliced almonds. This one was very plain, and unless you like a really mild coconut ice cream, I would recommend adding some fruit or other things to it.

tumblr_mpv4j7uDkd1s3uefeo1_1280tumblr_mpv4j7uDkd1s3uefeo3_1280I added vegan hot fudge, fresh cherries, and almonds to the Cherry Amaretto. Did it need it? No, not at all. This ice cream even had organic cherries in the ice cream. I really loved the almond extract in here too, which went perfectly with the sliced almonds! Part 2 to come soon!

Purely Decadent – Ice Cream Pints

tumblr_mmza8hmRgE1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_mmza8hmRgE1s3uefeo2_1280This stuff is VERY decadent and delicious. I haven’t tried this brand before, but I’m glad I picked this ice cream up. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream has always been one of my favorite desserts!

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tumblr_mpnm87Ddob1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_mpnm87Ddob1s3uefeo2_1280This is some amazing ice cream! I am definitely obsessed with chocolate and this Purely Decadent flavor. I don’t know what else to say…they’re carrying it at Target now!

tumblr_mq0rbhJxyr1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_mq0rbhJxyr1s3uefeo2_1280Wow this is incredible! I loved the little chocolate chunks in here and the caramel swirls were out of this world! Definitely a decadent ice cream.

tumblr_msbnhjUDM61s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_msbnhjUDM61s3uefeo2_1280Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Although honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of the flavor cookie dough, this one is nice!

tumblr_msbp891RXJ1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_msbp891RXJ1s3uefeo2_1280This stuff is addictive! I added hot fudge and sliced almonds, which was a wonderful addition.

tumblr_msott6bnpe1s3uefeo1_1280 tumblr_msott6bnpe1s3uefeo2_1280Purely Decadent Cookie Avalanche ice cream with some Famous Amos Cookies (vegan!) for a creamy dessert. Literally tastes exactly like Cookies N’ Creme.

IMG_7867 IMG_7882This flavor was really nice, and completely unexpected. It reminded me of the cherry chocolate chip ice creams I have had. I even added some organic chocolate syrup for an extra decadent taste and richness.