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Four Sigma Foods

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comI’ve mentioned a couple times on this blog that there are a few new superfood trends of 2015 to follow. One of them happens to be mushrooms, and YES that’s where this review comes in. Four Sigma Foods was a company I discovered on Instagram through their beautiful photography and vegan-friendly drink mixes that sounded lovely! The company reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try and review their products, and of course I said yes. Find out more about their line of products and how I enjoyed them, just to give you more ideas on how to incorporate superfood mushrooms into your daily routine! Continue reading

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst off, kudos to Four Sigma Foods for making such beautiful packaging! The XOCO Blue is the first product I tried because a shot of chocolate and chai sounded wonderful, and it was! Imagine a delicious, hot chocolate boosted with warm cinnamon and cardamom flavors that you can take with you wherever you go! Whether it be on your next airplane ride, hike, camping trip, or just spending the afternoon at a friend’s house these are perfectly portable. Just bring a couple packets to share between whoever you’re with, or they might get jealous.

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.com
I paired mine with a huge vegan croissant from Beet Box Bakery in a little espresso mug. These are recommended to be enjoyed espresso-style due to the burst of natural energy that they deliver. The flavor is a lot like espresso in terms of richness with the chocolate and spices. However, unlike espresso it left me feeling relaxed as opposed to jittery or hyper. This completely makes sense when you consider that Reishi mushrooms help to balance stress levels and improve your quality of sleep. Plus, Reishi helps to reduce the effects of aging but you can’t really even tell that it’s in this hot chocolate packet. Typical espresso definitely won’t cut it after you try some of this!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comThat brings me to the Instant Cordyceps and Chaga. I felt like having a tea party of sorts (for myself mostly) and I got the chance to try one of these hot and the other iced. As Four Sigma Foods states on their website, they have made superfood mushrooms more accessible than ever with their line of Instant mushrooms. Just pour a packet into some hot or cold water, add some non-dairy milk or sweetener if you prefer and sip away!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Instant Cordyceps is described as a superfood mushroom drink with ginseng, to help give you an energy boost and aid in recovery. I found that it had a unique flavor, almost between coffee and tea. I decided to add a little coconut milk afterwards because I like my warm tea to have a little creaminess to it. Now, normally I don’t like black tea because of the caffeine. I will be awake literally the whole night if I have caffeine too late in the day. Thankfully this didn’t have that effect on me at all. If you’re looking for an energy boost but trying to quit caffeine, these Instant Cordycepts might be for you!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comTo go with my shared cookies (made from Cappello’s Cookie Dough in case you wanted to know), a nice cold glass of Chaga mushrooms! This one did have a different flavor than the Cordycepts, and it was a little bit more earthy-tasting. I found that these Instant mushroom packs have a slightly rich, brothy flavor and because of that I really enjoyed them as I was getting over a small cold in the middle of winter this past week. I’ve heard that you can also mix these products into your morning smoothies or shakes, and I really can’t wait to try that out! 

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comNow, I know you’re wondering where you can get some of these for yourself. What’s awesome is that even if these particular products don’t appeal specifically to you, there is a variety for virtually anyone and everyone. Check out Four Sigma Foods’s Online Store and find the ‘shrooms that will suit your needs the best. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know which products you’re wanting to try first!