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Vegan Cuts Snack Box

IMG_9905 Guess who finally got to try out the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? Lucky for me, Vegan Cuts gave me the opportunity to try and review their snack box from May 2015. If you don’t know about this special box, then you’re in for a fun treat. Every month, a selection of 7-10 vegan products are curated typically by someone pretty well-known in the vegan community. Each box subscription is $19.95 a month (with free shipping to the US) to get the chance to try products that likely won’t be in a lot of stores near you. This particular box was curated by Heather and Jenny from Spork Foods and I just couldn’t wait to see everything that was inside! Find out what I thought about this box as well as my recommendations for why you should get your own subscription.  Continue reading

IMG_0682One of the first snacks I went for…of course was the Beanitos Chipotle BBQ chips. These are bean chips with a tortilla chip-texture, so they are extra crunchy. I loved the flavorful chipotle bbq flavor that had this smokiness to it. I thought about pairing these chips with salsa, but honestly they were just perfect on their own. As far as chips go, these also had a pretty good amount in one serving-size bag which is a plus!

IMG_0553Being a lover of NuGo bars and their new Fiber d’Lish variety, I was glad to see a flavor I hadn’t tried yet in this snack box. The Orange Cranberry was the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and it had the chewy consistency of a muffin. This was so good that it was satisfying as a dessert, and the added fiber made it a lot more filling.

IMG_9942Speaking of filling…I got the chance to try these Zesty Italian Meatless Meatballs from Nate’s with some zoodles (zucchini noodles), marinara and this new-to-me vegan parmesan from Go Veggie! I was amazed at how much this smelled and tasted like parmesan made with dairy! Seriously, I don’t even think cheese-loving omnivores or vegetarians would know the difference.

IMG_0122I love popcorn, and I love this Spicy Chipotle & Lime popcorn from Oogie’s. This wasn’t super spicy but it definitely had a kick to it. I must say, I’m really loving all the fun flavors in this snack box. There was even a sample pack of some crushed Chipotle Chile Pepper in the box, so I have a feeling I could use some of that and fresh lime juice to make my own seasoned popcorn.

IMG_0541I have never heard of Toyou bars, and being pretty bar-savy I’m surprised! Apricot and coconut are both some flavors I find really appealing, and this bar did not disappoint. It reminded me of a granola bar, but it was softer and more fruity. Unlike a lot of bars, this also wasn’t sickeningly sweet which I really appreciate.

IMG_1066I thoroughly enjoyed the Daily Green Boost in one of my morning green smoothies. This was made with some dates, bananas, vanilla hemp protein, spinach, and cinnamon. The green powder reminds me a little of matcha in terms of both smell and taste. It’s made out of barley grass and is a great boost to add a little something extra to virtually any smoothie or shake.

IMG_0166I was probably the most excited to try these Chocolate Sea Salt Quinoa Clusters. I actually saw them online a while ago, but they only came in bigger bags and I didn’t want to pay a lot to find out I didn’t like them. Thankfully these were delicious, and I will likely be purchasing a larger bag elsewhere. A great thing about Vegan Cuts is that the snacks are small enough that you don’t end up paying a lot for something that you don’t like. However, I think the boxes have been curated with a lot of people’s different preferences in mind. You have at least a few items that are healthy, gluten-free and portable so that you can enjoy them wherever you go.

IMG_9911The only items that I did not try were the Blood Orange organic energy drink and the MiracleTree moringa tea. Normally I stay away from energy drinks because I’m actually really sensitive to caffeine, so I will be giving that one to someone else to try out. As far as energy drinks go, this one looks much better than most of the standard drinks on the market. As for the tea, I’ll be saving it for (literally) a cold, rainy day. The strawberry, lemon, and mango flavors all sound super delicious!

Are you interested now in getting your own monthly snack box subscription with 100% vegan products? Be sure to visit Vegan Cuts and sign up today! They even have a Beauty Box with a wide variety of personal care products, that you can subscribe to in addition to the snack box. Not a fan of surprises and subscription boxes? Vegan Cuts also has an online store with lots of discounted vegan items, where you know exactly what you’re ordering. However, I recommend the snack box because I think trying new things is fun…and this service is an excellent way to do just that!

Go Raw Snacks

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comRemember when I talked about incorporating more raw foods into my diet? Since my favorite raw vegan restaurant closed its doors, I’ve been wanting to try new raw foods including smoothie recipes, desserts and even snacks. Luckily Go Raw sent me a few of their Flax Snax and Super Chips and they were so much fun to try out! There are 6 different flavors that I got to sample, and I never would’ve thought that raw, gluten-free, nut-free snacks made of seeds would taste so good! Continue reading

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst, let me begin with the Simple Flax Snax. These, along with the other snacks are completely organic, raw and made with just a couple ingredients. The Simple variety is made of sprouted flax and sesame seeds with tomato powder. These two specific seeds can help manage cholesterol and blood pressure as just a few of the benefits. I think the Simple Flax Snax are a great option to have with dips such as salsa, hummus or guacamole. On their own they are pretty mild in flavor, but they have a great crunch that is perfect for dipping!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comNext, I went for the Sunflower Flax Snax. In addition to the flax, sesame, and tomato powder, these also have sunflower seeds, lime juice, coconut aminos, and garlic powder. Because of the sunflower seeds and the garlic, I found that these had a nutty and almost cheesy taste. They are definitely a savory snack, with all the benefits of sunflower seeds which have Vitamins E, B1, magnesium, selenium and more. Instead of reaching for the roasted and salted sunflower seeds that are super high in sodium and fats (due to added oils), go for these healthy varieties instead!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Spicy Flax Snax were a little intimidating at first when I saw that they had jalapeno and spices. I was afraid that they would be way too spicy, but they were actually a pleasant surprise! I could definitely taste the cilantro, a hint of the jalapeno and garlic, and a blend of spices. With the crispy texture, these reminded me of a cracker with spice seasonings. Of course, these ones are wheat and gluten-free with a bonus of 5g of fiber, 5g of protein and healthy fats with no preservatives or extra processing.

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comI was skeptical, to be honest, of the Pizza Flax Snax at first. However, the second I opened the bag they had the exact aroma of a slice of pizza! I could pick up the flavors of tomato, oregano, salt and garlic which reminded me instantly of the ingredients in pizza sauce. To be honest, once I started eating these, I didn’t want to stop because they were so good. If I had the choice to go for actual pizza or these snacks, I would actually prefer the raw option! The good thing is that after eating these, you don’t feel bloated or so full that you feel uncomfortable like you might feel after eating a few slices of pizza (vegan or not). 

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Super Chips are a little different than the Flax Snacks in terms of texture and some of the ingredients. They have a chewier taste, similar to that of the Super Cookies but with a little less sweetness. The Pumpkin chips are made with sprouted pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and dates, with a little agave and salt. I would say the most prominent flavor is the pumpkin seeds, followed by the sweetness of the agave and dates, then a light salty taste. I love the fact that these are a great balance between salty and sweet, and because of that they’re really versatile. I could enjoy these at any time of the day on their own or with some fruit, spreads or nut butters!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Spirulina Super Chips tasted a lot like the Spirulina Energy Bar that I tried and reviewed on this blog in the past. I could both smell and taste the banana which gave these a light, fruity taste that masked any hint of the spirulina. If it weren’t for the green color, I would actually have no idea that these had any spirulina even in them. Because these have coconut, banana and dates in them I think they taste more like a dessert than a chip. Since I like sweets so much, however, I am perfectly fine with that! Now, these aren’t overly sweet but they do have a light coconutty flavor that I loved so much in the Super Cookies. Share a bag of these with your friends and they will be amazed at how tasty they are, despite the name and the color!

Go Raw Flax Snax and Super Chips Review @anotherhungryvegan.comA huge thanks to Go Raw for providing these snacks! It has definitely helped me to make smarter, healthier choices throughout the day when I’m having a snack attack. If you’re curious about where to get your hands on a bag or two of their products, you can buy them online or in most natural foods grocery stores. Based on my review or otherwise, which of these different snacks are you wanting to try first?