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Amrita Bars

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comYou wouldn’t believe the amount of things I’ve been up to lately. With just having recently moved, starting a new job and doing other work in my spare time, the days just don’t seem long enough. At times like these, I’m really grateful to have easy “grab and go” foods like fruit, nuts and seeds, and energy bars. Of course, that’s where Amrita comes in! Amrita makes a lot of unique-flavored nutrition bars, that not only taste great…they are also made with really high-quality ingredients. As their name would suggest, they are made out of dried fruits, seeds and other gluten, dairy and soy-free nutritious foods. Are you curious about these bars and what flavors you would like the most? Read on to find out!
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Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comThe first bar I tried happened to be the Apricot Strawberry. When I first opened the package, the smell actually reminded me of a PB&J sandwich (despite being completely free of peanuts and gluten). I think I was picking up the sunflower seeds and tahini, which often give off a rich and nutty flavor. Once I tasted the bar I could taste the apricots as well as the strawberries and dates mixed in. I couldn’t taste the chia flour or brown rice and they didn’t seem to affect the texture at all. Overall, I would say this was a great bar to start out with!

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comI’m not sure what paradise would taste like, but it must be something like this Pineapple Chia bar. First off, with it being summer I find that these bars all have really appropriate flavors. Along with pineapple, this treat also contains cranberries, sunflower and sesame seeds, chia seeds, coconut and brown rice protein. It’s great that a little bar like this also has the benefit of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, along with 4g of fiber and 7g of protein!

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comOne of my favorite bars, not surprisingly, was the Apple Cinnamon. This seriously tasted like apple pie in bar form. What I love about Amrita bars is that you get so much fresh flavor, and all without added sweeteners other than the ones in dried fruit. I find that these bars are similar in texture to Larabars, but the combination of seeds, brown rice protein and dried fruit makes them a lot more filling. These definitely are more of a snack than a meal replacement, but they are really satisfying in-between meals!

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comAnother fun, tropical flavor is the Mango Coconut. When it comes to dried fruit, mango and coconut are some of my favorites for their ultra-sweet flavors. Because this bar is also balanced with a mix of seeds, you don’t get as much of a sugar rush as plain fruit can often deliver for some people. This bar would be also be delicious if you blended it into a smoothie (seriously), or if you cut it up and placed it on top of a smoothie with banana, mango and coconut.

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.com
I was worried that the Cranberry Raisin bar might be a little sour, but I think it was another winner! The texture reminds me a little of an oatmeal raisin cookie and I’m not complaining! I notice that many of the bars are made with similar ingredients, but with the addition of the special dried fruits they really take on a unique taste. Plus, they don’t make a mess when you eat them and are very portable and for a snack that also happens to be raw.

Review of Amrita Bars on anotherhungryvegan.comLast but not least…the Chocolate Maca bar. Where oh where do I begin with this one? Cacao and maca are an incredible combination,  and this bar proves that. These superfoods are great for giving you energy as well as helping with hormonal issues. Another fantastic thing about this chocolatey bar is that it doesn’t melt in the heat, unlike many energy/protein bars made with chocolate. Though the flavor sounds more like a sweet dessert, this actually makes a great morning or mid-morning snack. Instead of reaching for coffee or energy drinks, I would recommend picking up one of these instead.

So, did hearing about all the different bars entice you? I hope so! If you’re curious where you can pick up some super tasty and nutritious Amrita bars for yourself, visit their store locator. You can also add some to your cart when you shop on their online store, either way I hope you can enjoy the bars for yourself. If you’ve tried these bars before, let me know which are your favorite or which flavors you want to try next!

Two Moms in the Raw – Nut Bars

IMG_3502Have you heard of Two Moms in the Raw? Well you should have by now! Their products can be found in places like Starbucks and most natural food stores, and these bars are a fantastic on-the-go healthy snack. This is a family-owned company that like me, is located in Colorado. All their products are organic, gluten free, non-gmo, raw and of course vegan. They feature only the best nutritious ingredients in their different products so I was so excited to finally try some of them, and naturally I went for the bars first. Continue reading

My favorite flavor was actually the Blueberry bar, which was the one I tried first. I loved the sweet flavor of the berries but also the crunchiness of the nuts. My next favorite flavor was the Cranberry bar, which was very similar to the blueberry but just a little bit more tart in flavor. The Goldenberry was surprisingly good, although I don’t really even know what a goldenberry is to be honest. The Gojiberry bar had a slightly bitter taste from the combo of the raw walnuts and the berries. Generally, I don’t really like gojis much anyway, but I was still able to enjoy this one. I love how few ingredients these bars have and the fact that they’re homemade is really impressive. These bars are really nice and durable, and they can definitely withstand hot weather or being buried inside your bag. 

Go Raw Bars

Go Raw makes these wholesome, organic bars using ingredients such as seeds, fruit, dates, coconut and various superfoods. The bars are nice and portable and not too messy to eat, which is great if you’re looking for a good raw, organic on-the-go snack to keep you energized throughout the day. You can find these at a handful of natural food grocery stores, but they are also available online. It is recommended to consume these with a tall glass of water, and I find that it helps to make you feel more full when you eat them. I think due to the seeds in the bar, it’s best to have them with water for better digestion. Even if you don’t eat raw, studies have shown that raw food is really beneficial for all of us to have from time to time. What I love about these bars is that there are so few ingredients, they are gluten free, and many are allergen-friendly.
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IMG_3463The bars come in five flavors, and luckily I was able to find and try them all! The first bar I tried was Banana Bread, which was very crunchy but it definitely had a nice, sweet banana taste and the flax seeds reminded me of the consistency of bread. The next bar was Spirulina Energy which was one of my favorites! This bar was actually very sweet with a light banana and date flavor, and just a hint of the spirulina was present. The bar was little crispy on the edges so it reminded me of a sweet cracker. The next bar I tried was the Apricot, which was actually very chewy almost as if you were eating a dried apricot. This bar wasn’t my favorite but the flavor wasn’t unpleasant at all. The next bar I had was the Live Pumpkin, and honestly I’ve really taken a liking to raw pumpkin seeds lately. This one was also very crunchy due to the seeds and lightly sweet in flavor. Lastly, the Live Granola Bar tasted just like any less-sweet granola bar that I’ve had in the past. However this one is free of oats and nuts, and it is naturally sweetened with raisins and dates. What I love about these bars as a whole is that they are a decent size for an energy/granola bar, yet they make you feel full and energized after eating them. Because these have raw ingredients and aren’t sweetened with refined sugars, they are also a much healthier option than any traditional bar. Check to see if your local grocery store carries them here.