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IMG_6222I’m starting this post out with a simple question: when was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? For a while, most of my nights were filled with tossing and turning, not being able to fall asleep, or waking up often. My fitness tracker that I wear at night even confirmed that I was spending a lot of time in the “restless sleep” stage and I first attributed it to things like light sources or sounds keeping me up at night; “I must just be a really light sleeper,” I thought. However, I realized it had to be something different when my partner and I were often waking up feeling very tired despite sleeping 9-10 hours, and it was often accompanied with neck and back pain. I didn’t feel like myself a lot because I was so exhausted, and I knew it wasn’t helping me to live a healthier life. Good eating habits and exercise are important, but they can only go so far without good-quality sleep.

IMG_6235Finally, I started looking into getting a new mattress, but there are so many choices out there. It was really important to me to get something that was high-quality, something with a good warranty, and a hassle-free process overall (not having to deal with returning it right away, long shipping times, high shipping costs, etc). The company that stood out the most was Helix, who not only makes high-quality mattresses but they are also completely customizable from person to person. Helix really pays attention to things like the overall feel and support, elasticity and even cooling technology that the mattress offers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 3.16.19 PMYou start ordering your mattress by taking a Sleep Quiz and if you have a partner who normally sleeps next to you, make sure they take the quiz too. I love this feature because it helps both sleepers get the mattress that they want, without having to compromise. I really wanted a mattress that was medium firm, with moderate support, good elasticity and something that was nice and cool. When my partner and I took the quiz, we ended up with very similar results so a blended mattress was perfect for us. However, you also have a dual-comfort mattress option if your sleeping partner has very different needs from you. The quiz also takes into consideration things like body size, any pressure points you have, and sleeping positions, because Helix mattresses are customized just for you. We’re not all the same size, shape, or types of sleepers so why should we be given an identical mattress, even if it is deemed “high-quality”?

IMG_6249After taking the quiz my partner and I got our results a couple seconds later, and it was really interesting to see them. We agreed that this was the perfect mattress for us, so we added it to our cart and went to check out on the Helix website. I did opt for an additional item which was the Helix Mattress Protector, since we do have pets and didn’t want to worry about any accidents affecting the mattress. The Mattress Protector wraps around the entire mattress and really stays put, but is easy to remove when it needs to be washed. The protector is also waterproof, but is still super soft and not noisy at all like other mattress protectors out there. If you’re getting a high-quality mattress I think something to protect it is a great investment.

The online check out process was really simple, I submitted the order and the mattress was set to arrive within the next two weeks. The shipping process went really quickly, although I was alerted at first that the order might’ve been damaged by the mail carrier so I contacted Helix about it. Their customer support team was super helpful and offered to place a replacement order if needed, but luckily the package was just a little damaged on the edges when it arrived the next day. 

IMG_6274Once I received the package I asked my partner to help carry it upstairs to our bedroom. The box was a little heavy for me to lift on my own, but is still a lot easier than carrying and maneuvering upstairs than most mattresses. I should note that if you have a bed frame or mattress foundation, make sure those are already assembled in the room. We unrolled and unwrapped the mattress according to the instructions and it started expanding super quickly, but we were still able to place it correctly onto the bed frame. Though it was tempting to lay down on our new mattress, we let the mattress sit for 30-45 minutes as it fully expanded.

IMG_6242Now it’s been a little over a month since we got our mattress, and both my partner and I are super satisfied with it. I don’t think I realized just how awful our previous mattress was making me feel until after the first night sleeping on this customized Helix mattress. I’m also super excited to offer a $50 DISCOUNT on your own Helix mattress, using the code HUNGRYVEGAN at checkout. Good-quality sleep is so important and everyone deserves it, so why not gift yourself and your loved ones a brand new, personalized custom mattress? Helix even offers a 100-night sleep trial so if you aren’t totally satisfied with the mattress it can be returned hassle-free, but I highly doubt you’ll even consider it after just a couple nights of wonderful sleep.

Disclaimer: This mattress was sent to me by Helix, but all opinions within this post are completely my own.

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