So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream

IMG_4445So Delicious recently debuted their new line of vegan ice cream made with cashew milk, and I was blown away when I tried it at Expo West. In the past, I honestly haven’t been a regular buyer of their coconut-based ice cream because they are just a little too strong in coconut flavor for me. However, I loved their unsweetened cashew milks when I first tried them so it was inevitable that I would love these. Ice cream was one of my favorite treats before going vegan, and I tend to be really picky with a lot of the vegan varieties on the market. Read on to see what I thought of the different flavors of their cashew-based dairy-free pints! Continue reading

IMG_4418IMG_4460One of the first flavors I went for was the Salted Caramel Cluster. The flavor is described as a sweet and salty delight featuring chocolate covered cashews and a ribbon of salted caramel. I found that this one had a definitely salty taste from the caramel balanced with the sweetness of the ice cream base. I think the cashew milk worked really well in this instance, and I loved the dark chocolate covered cashew pieces. I think the chocolatey pieces added a nice crunch and a diversion from the caramel flavor that would be a little overpowering otherwise. Overall, I would definitely try this one again!

IMG_4618Next I went for the Dark Chocolate Truffle, a fair trade cocoa decadence folded with fudge and premium shaved chocolate. I expected a little bit more of a rich, fudgy taste but the chocolate flavor was nice overall. It wasn’t quite as decadent as I was expecting from the name alone, and I don’t know if this one was quite as good as some of the other flavors. However, I am happy that So Delicious chose a fair trade cocoa in the ingredients!

IMG_5542 I was excited to try the Cappuccino flavor because I’m always looking for new coffee-flavored desserts. This one unfortunately was a little too sweet for me, and didn’t have enough of a coffee flavor for me. I also thought that it had a different aftertaste, likely from the cashew milk, that I couldn’t get past. On its own, I’m not a big fan of the Cappuccino. However, I think it would be really good mixed with some hot fudge and coconut whipped cream, or used in a milkshake or frappuccino recipe.

IMG_3486As you might’ve seen on this blog already, I used the Creamy Cashew ice cream in a delicious Big Wheel Recipe. This one is described as a gourmet delight with a touch of fair-trade vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. I found that this particular flavor was an excellent addition to salted chocolate chip cookies for the ultimate salty and sweet pairing. I have a feeling this one would make a great staple to have in your freezer to top your baked goods with. I think everyone loves some homemade treats topped with a generous scoop of ice cream!

IMG_6053Ok, I saved the best for last. The Snickerdoodle is something else! In fact, this was one of the few flavors I actually tried twice (and if you know me that’s a rarity). This one is a cinnamon delight loaded with chunks of gluten-free snickerdoodle cookie dough! If that doesn’t sound good, then I have no idea what does! Snickerdoodles have always been a favorite flavor cookie of mine, and at first I was a little skeptical that So Delicious would be able to mimic that flavor. This far exceeded my expectations, with little chunks of the cookie dough mixed right into the ice cream! Plus it’s gluten-free, so everyone can have a bite of this heavenly dessert!

A big thanks to So Delicious for sending me these samples so I could give all the new products a try! This review included my honest, first impressions of the products and overall I’m pretty impressed. Don’t forget to check out their store locator to see if So Delicious carries products at your local grocery store (hopefully it’s the cashew ice cream!).

Bitchin’ Sauce and Bars

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars @anotherhungryvegan.comSince I was only able to go to Expo West for two out of the three days, there were inevitably some companies that I missed out on. One of them was Bitchin’ Sauce, which I had heard about online long before Expo began. Thankfully, I was able to contact the company and they were super awesome to send me some samples of their sauces and bars. This is a review of their products as well as some meal ideas if you’re not sure what to do with their sauces. Hint: they go well with just about everything! Continue reading

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars
I ended up trying the Original bars first (they also have a Strawberry flavor) as a quick on-the-go breakfast with lots of water. The bars remind me of larabars, but these are a lot more filling and pleasant to eat. They have a smooth yet chewy consistency and are made with Organic Dates, Organic Coconut, Almonds, Pecans, Organic Pepitas, Organic Flax Meal, Sea Salt.

Some of the sauces I was the most excited about trying initially were their Cilantro Lime, Original, and Bombay. What I love about their products is how clean the ingredients are, along with being non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. For instance, the Original Bitchin’ Sauce contains Water, Almonds, Grapeseed Oil, Lemon Juice, Nutritional Yeast, Bragg Liquid Aminos, Garlic, Spices, Sea Salt. That’s it! Because of these ingredients, you can either heat the sauce, use it as a dressing, or dip raw veggies into it. One tub goes quite a long way! 

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars
One of my favorite meals to make at home are burrito bowls. For these all you need is a base of lettuce, plus a protein, rice and lots of veggies. The Cilantro Lime sauce was just perfect for this occasion, adding a wonderful creamy addition to flavor the vegetables and tortilla I had with the meal. I used Sweet Earth’s Chipotle Style Seitan, and I’ve found that their products are a quick, easy and delicious option to pair with the sauces. I threw the sauce on at the end, but you could also marinate your veggies or cook your rice in it. Either of those ways is sure to pack a ton of flavor in the final meal.

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars @anotherhungryvegan.comSpeaking of Sweet Earth, I’m also in love with their Curry Recipe Seitan. Just as I expected, it went perfectly with the Bombay Bitchin’ Sauce. This easy meal was cauliflower “rice”, underneath some spinach, chickpeas and seitan cooked in the sauce. This was nicely warming and comforting with the curry, spices and garlic flavors. Not to mention filling!

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars
Who wants some Bitchin’ tacos? These were just screaming for some spiced Chipotle flavor. I assembled these tacos with some Sweet Earth BBQ Savory Grounds, veggies, avocado and a coleslaw marinated in the Chipotle sauce. The slaw made all the difference in my opinion, giving a smoky flavor to some veggies that would otherwise be pretty bland. You could also make these and top the tacos with the sauce at the end, but I found that it made an excellent marinade for the veggies.

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars
I discovered Gardein’s new Fishless Fillet at Expo and I was blown away! I decided to make a fish n’ chips style meal with homemade oven-baked fries. Since tartar sauce isn’t vegan (and I didn’t have a vegan alternative on hand), I decided to pair these delightful fillets with the Original Bitchin’ Sauce. Since the sauce has a savory flavor with a hint of lemon juice, I figured that it would  make a great substitution for tartar sauce…and you know what, it was even better! I could see this flavor also making a great dip for some carrots, cucumbers or celery as an easy snack or appetizer option at your next get-together. No one would know that it’s dairy-free!

Review of Bitchin' Sauce and Bars
Last, but not least I’ve been craving a BLT. We had some great Veganic bread from One Degree Organics, some Sweet Earth Benevolent vegan Bacon and the Heat sauce that I saved for last. Instead of using mayo, I just spread the Heat Sauce on the toasted bread and it was delicious! Next time I would probably add a little avocado to cool down the spiciness, but luckily it wasn’t too spicy for me.

A big thanks to Bitchin’ Sauce and Sweet Earth for the products featured in this review! Now, after hearing my thoughts are you more excited to try Bitchin’ Sauce for yourself? Check out their store locator to find out where you can pick up your own sauce. Let me know what flavor you’re the most excited to try and what kind of food you would enjoy it with!

Salazon Chocolate Co

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comI’m one of those people who gets really excited about chocolate. More specifically, high-quality fair trade, and organic dark chocolate. I discovered Salazon at Expo and really enjoyed hearing about their company and sampling some of the dark chocolates with sea salt. Salazon Chocolate Co was super generous to send some samples for me to try and review for you. I even have a recipe coming in the next week using one of their bars that you definitely won’t want to miss out on! Continue reading

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comSalazon was inspired by visiting organic cacao farms in the Dominican Republic to create chocolate out of 100% organic, single-origin Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade-Certified beans. Furthermore, they are one of the first salted chocolate brands on the market, using hand-sprinkled natural solar-evaporated sea salt for each bar. I don’t know if you’ve had salted dark chocolate before, but it’s quite an experience! The salty flavor combined with the rich, dark chocolate has such a unique flavor that’s just meant to be savored. A bonus with these bars is that it only takes a little piece to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings all at the same time!

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comMy first choice was the Sea Salt and Sugar Bar. I found this to have a super smooth texture with a great balance of sweet and salty notes. This has a richness but it’s not super bitter like some really dark chocolate bars that I’ve tried from other brands.  I think the turbinado sugar really helps to sweeten things up, and Salazon says that this is a great alternative if you’re used to sweet milk chocolate. The company even partnered with with the Pacific Crest Trail Association so that a portion of their proceeds go to protecting, preserving and promoting the trail. Right off the bat, we’re off to a good start with these chocolate bars!

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Sea Salt and Coconut Bar has just a hint of coconut, and it was nice and smooth like the first bar. Perhaps a little less sweet, but if you savor the bar instead of biting into it, the coconut flakes come through with an added texture. The coconut even has a nice, toasted flavor that makes you feel like you’re eating one of those non-vegan candy bars. The twist is that this bar is sourced with organic, sustainable ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. That makes it taste even better!

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Sea Salt and Almonds bar is one of my mom’s favorites. It’s not as chunky as I was expecting, similar to the original organic bar with bits of roasted almonds from California. I love how the salty pieces melt in your mouth along with the dark chocolate. When you savor the bar, the almond bits come right through as the chocolate melts. It reminds me of a chocolate almond butter cup, but a little heavier on the dark chocolate.

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Sea Salt and Coffee Bar was one I was really looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint! I found that it had a rich and robust coffee coating, but the inside of the bar was super smooth and much sweeter. Definitely one of my favorites for the variety of flavor, and who doesn’t love pairing organic/fair-trade coffee with high-quality dark chocolate?

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co
I could tell an immediate difference when it came to the Sea Salt and Cayenne Bar. Luckily, it wasn’t too spicy (at least for me), and the cayenne is so well dissolved that it doesn’t mask the delicious taste of the chocolate. Even if you aren’t a big fan of spice, I found that the flavor was calmed down with the dark chocolate. Salazon says that it’s a long-time tradition to pair cacao with cayenne, and now I can see why!

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comSalazon’s Sea Salt and Pepper Bar was a pleasant surprise. I could definitely taste the salt, but the notes of pepper were a little less pronounced, which I thought was a great part of the overall flavor. This bar seemed a little more savory compared to the others. Don’t be afraid to try it, it’s actually quite good. In fact, I’m surprised that more people don’t pair salt and pepper with dark chocolate.

Review of Salazon Chocolate Co @anotherhungryvegan.comLastly, the Natural Sea Salt Bar, which is the bar that Salazon started with! They say you can never go wrong with the original, and in this case it couldn’t be more true. This is the bar I decided to experiment with in some recipes, so stay tuned for the sweet dessert I’ll be posting in the next few days. While you’re waiting for the recipe, check out the Salazon Shop and get a few bars for yourself! Just a disclaimer, all their bars are vegan except for the Dark Chocolate Bar with Caramel. But I can promise that their vegan varieties are all winners in my book!

Manna Organics Giveaway

Manna Organics Giveaway
As my first post-Expo giveaway, I’m super excited to introduce one of the companies I discovered at the Natural Products Expo West. Manna Organics makes a line of fantastic sprouted breads that are yeast-free and made with just a few ingredients. I was lucky enough to try their really tasty nut butters (the Dark Chocolate Pecan is out of this world), and after Expo ended Manna sent over a few loaves of their breads and kale chips. I’m really excited that they agreed to doing a giveaway so you can try their products too! Read on to find out the details on the prize and enter below! Continue reading

Manna Organics Giveaway @anotherhungryvegan.comManna Organics Giveaway
The first bread that I selected was the Sprouted Banana Walnut Hemp. Because of its more dense, cake-like texture I decided to use it to make French toast. These were prepared with The Vegg French toast mix, cooked on a skillet and topped with freshly sliced bananas, walnuts and maple syrup. This particular bread is also really good with some of your favorite nut butter, coconut butter or vegan margarine. 

Manna Organics Giveaway
I was also really impressed with the Cafe Mocha kale chips that Manna Organics makes. They actually make 5 flavors of kale chips, including savory options like Pizza Margherita and Curry Bliss-which are all vegan, organic and gluten-free. I went for the sweeter flavor, which had a chocolatey taste with a note of espresso. With the crunchiness of the kale, I felt like I was eating a krispy mocha-flavored cookie!

Manna Organics Giveaway
Next is the Multigrain, which is yeast-free and made with a myriad of grains and seeds including millet, barley, brown rice, rye, oats and cornmeal. This one, is of course made with wheat kernels so it isn’t gluten-free. However, Manna does offer a line of gluten-free and vegan breads in a few different flavors as well. What I like about these breads is that unlike your standard sandwich/sliced bread, these are incredibly filling and chewy. Depending on what kinds of toppings you like, this one is a great option for pairings like hummus, vegan butter or jam.

Manna Organics Giveaway @anotherhungryvegan.comLast but not least, the Sprouted Cinnamon Date bread. I think I saved the best for last, as this one reminds me of my favorite cinnamon-raisin bagels I used to have growing up. I loved having this bread lightly toasted and served with some organic peanut butter on top. I found that this bread is really filling if you have a slice or two with some kind of spread. To put it into perspective, one 3/5 inch slice is about 150 calories, with 5g of fiber, 6g of natural sweetener from the dates, and 8g of protein. You can’t find bread quite like this anywhere else!

Now, to enter the giveaway be sure to follow the Rafflecopter giveaway prompts below (open to residents of the Continental United States only). The winner gets 3 loaves and 1 bag of kale chips of their choosing. This giveaway runs until Friday at 12:00am MST, so don’t forget to enter before it’s too late!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interview with UnhealthyVegan

Interview with UnhealthyVegan and the UnVcMuffin
I do a lot of food reviews on this blog, but I’ve been wanting to change things up a little. Being vegan is about so much more than the food, it’s about the people who are doing awesome things for the movement too! I’ve decided to start doing some interview posts from time to time on here with fellow vegans. I’ve realized that all of us have a different perception of what it means to be vegan, and it’s always helpful to hear their thoughts and advice to better inform our own beliefs about veganism. I had the opportunity to meet André Avena aka UnhealthyVegan, who made an UnVcMuffin  (vegan mcmuffin) for me and we got to talk over some vegan donuts from The Donuttery. Continue reading

Interview with UnhealthyVegan and the UnVcMuffin
The following are my questions and answers with André (pictured above with his UnVcMuffin creation), as part of the interview:

1. What was your perception of vegans before you made the switch?
I actually didn’t have much of a perception of vegans because I didn’t know any. I was so blind to veganism that I didn’t even know people who practice it existed.

2. What made you go vegan?
My ethics professor in community college had a presentation about the ethics of eating animals and he made perfect sense. The guy [he used as an example] for eating animals, who was really funny, had no real good points. And from there I just walked out and said ok I’m going to be vegan. It was that simple. I got educated and decided to act on it.

3. What were your favorite foods before becoming vegan?
Burgers, pizza, burritos.

4. What are your favorite foods now that you are vegan? 
Burgers, pizza, burritos.

5. Where did the name “unhealthyvegan” come from?
The more I think about it and get asked about it, the more I realize how much it means to me and how it has become a part of me. I love it so much now. It means so many things to me now. First off, it was meant as a smart ass answer to everyone who kept telling me that going vegan would be unhealthy. So in a way, it’s basically me saying, “ok, I am what you say I am. I’m an unhealthyvegan like you think I am,” even though I know that’s not the case.  I also love it because it breaks the stereotype that every vegan eats salads and juices. I’m a vegan who eats double bacon cheezeburgers so it works in that sense as well. It is literally the perfect way to describe me in all the ways. The name chose me, I didn’t choose it.

Interview with UnhealthyVegan and the UnVcMuffin
6. Advice to people who want to switch over to veganism?
Just do it already! There isn’t one real reason or excuse not to do it so just go for it! Also get an Instagram because everyone on there can help with recipes or even just ideas for you to cook food. Download all the vegan apps so you know where to go when you’re eating out or what to buy when you’re in the stores.

7. What are your favorite restaurants, either locally or nationally?
I have only eaten locally, but hopefully soon that will change, so in Southern California I love Seabirds, Doomie’s, Organix, Cheezy Pizza, and the Loving Hut in Upland. Veggie Grill for nationwide best food. Those are all my go to restaurants but can’t wait to try even more!

8. What has helped you to stay vegan?
My first answer is the animals. I feel that if you solely do it for the animals than it really becomes easy. I never once felt the need to go back. But the more I think about it, the online community that I joined with Instagram has actually helped me become a better vegan and I truly love them and thank them for making it even easier than it already was.

Interview with UnhealthyVegan and the UnVcMuffin
9.Who are some other influential vegans online that you admire?
All these guys are from Instagram: @HiramCamillo,  @Veganfoodshare, @DangVegan, @StacyMichelson, @TheSaucyVegan, @MyVeganPlate, @NomYourself, @WickedHealthy, and @Vegicano. All of their accounts really bring it when it comes to food and the food they make. Or the food they share or the food they buy, it’s all good and they all have my approval. I would eat every meal of theirs and I know I will be happy. 

10. Which recipe on your YouTube channel has been your top favorite? 
So far I really loved my second episode where I made the Double Bacon Grilled Cheeze. It has two grilled bacon jalapeño cheeze buns, and more bacon and chikin and cheeze in the middle. It’s so amazing.

A big thanks to André for agreeing to do this little interview with me! Be sure to check out his Instagram and Youtube channels and tell him I sent you!

World Peas Fava Crisps

Review of Fava Crisps from World Peas, a delicious gluten-free and non-gmo snack. Instead of settling for potato chips, give these healthy crisps a try!
Come on, give peas a chance! Or fava beans for that matter. I recently found out about World Peas and they were incredibly kind to send me some of their brand new Fava Crisps to try out. These come in three flavors: Barbeque, Vinegar and Sea Salt, and Ranch to satisfy all your savory, salty and crunchy cravings. Find out what I thought of these different snacks in terms of flavor, texture and similar pre-vegan day snacks that they remind me of. Also, learn why these are a much better alternative to the standard snacks you’ll find in the store. It isn’t likely that you’ll eat an entire bag in one sitting, but if you do at least you’ll be getting tons of protein but less fat and calories than if you had devoured a bag of your typical potato chips. Continue reading

Review of Fava Crisps from World Peas, a delicious gluten-free and non-gmo snack. Instead of settling for potato chips, give these healthy crisps a try! @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst, I really wanted to try the Brighton Vinegar & Sea Salt Fava Crisps. These are inspired by “the chippies found in Southeast England”, and I can honestly tell you the salt and vinegar flavors are very pronounced. However, the overall taste is nicely balanced. These taste a lot like salt and vinegar seasoned roasted peanuts in terms of crunch, flavor and texture. Since these are made out of fava beans, they have 6g of protein per serving, 4.5g of fat and 13g of total carbs which are a heck of a lot better than potato chips. Plus, unlike regular chips, you aren’t as likely to get through a whole bag of these and still be hungry.

Review of Fava Crisps from World Peas, a delicious gluten-free and non-gmo snack. Instead of settling for potato chips, give these healthy crisps a try! @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Santa Barbara Ranch Fava Crisps were my absolute favorite! When I was younger, I used to love those Flavor-Blasted Goldfish snacks and honestly I shudder at the thought of what was even IN those! And you know what? These crisps taste practically identical to those, yet these have much fewer ingredients and are much more nutritionally sound. Unlike Goldfish crackers, these happen to be gluten-free, vegan and non-gmo. If you can tell from the photo, these crisps are coated with a mixture that includes corn starch, so they are a little more cracker-like as opposed to being nut-like which was how the Ranch crisps were. The flavor of these was inspired by cool, tangy ranch dip and I do get a hint of that savory flavor in the crisps. I wouldn’t say it’s an exact take on Ranch dressing, in my opinion…it’s even better!

Review of Fava Crisps from World Peas, a delicious gluten-free and non-gmo snack. Instead of settling for potato chips, give these healthy crisps a try! @anotherhungryvegan.comIf the Ranch Crisps taste like Goldfish crackers, then the Texas Barbecue Fava Crisps taste like Fritos! More specifically, the Honey Barbecue Flavor Twist Fritos that are definitely not vegan or gluten-free. Not to mention, the flavored Fritos have ingredients like MSG, artificial colors and flavors, and way too many other ingredients to keep track of. The BBQ flavor in these crisps isn’t quite like a bbq flavor you would expect in potato chips, but I don’t typically like barbecue chips anyway so I really enjoyed these!

Review of Fava Crisps from World Peas, a delicious gluten-free and non-gmo snack. Instead of settling for potato chips, give these healthy crisps a try! @anotherhungryvegan.comSo which of the Fava Crisps are you wanting to try first? World Peas also makes…you guessed it, a ton of flavored peas (Wasabi anyone?) so there’s a flavor for basically everyone to love. If you’re looking for a healthier snack than traditional potato chips or non-vegan crackers then these are an excellent choice. I have a feeling these will even fool your omnivore friends in a blind taste-test. Check out the World Peas Online Store to pick up your own World Peas snacks to try for yourself!

Four Sigma Foods

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comI’ve mentioned a couple times on this blog that there are a few new superfood trends of 2015 to follow. One of them happens to be mushrooms, and YES that’s where this review comes in. Four Sigma Foods was a company I discovered on Instagram through their beautiful photography and vegan-friendly drink mixes that sounded lovely! The company reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try and review their products, and of course I said yes. Find out more about their line of products and how I enjoyed them, just to give you more ideas on how to incorporate superfood mushrooms into your daily routine! Continue reading

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst off, kudos to Four Sigma Foods for making such beautiful packaging! The XOCO Blue is the first product I tried because a shot of chocolate and chai sounded wonderful, and it was! Imagine a delicious, hot chocolate boosted with warm cinnamon and cardamom flavors that you can take with you wherever you go! Whether it be on your next airplane ride, hike, camping trip, or just spending the afternoon at a friend’s house these are perfectly portable. Just bring a couple packets to share between whoever you’re with, or they might get jealous.

Review of Four Sigma Foods
I paired mine with a huge vegan croissant from Beet Box Bakery in a little espresso mug. These are recommended to be enjoyed espresso-style due to the burst of natural energy that they deliver. The flavor is a lot like espresso in terms of richness with the chocolate and spices. However, unlike espresso it left me feeling relaxed as opposed to jittery or hyper. This completely makes sense when you consider that Reishi mushrooms help to balance stress levels and improve your quality of sleep. Plus, Reishi helps to reduce the effects of aging but you can’t really even tell that it’s in this hot chocolate packet. Typical espresso definitely won’t cut it after you try some of this!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comThat brings me to the Instant Cordyceps and Chaga. I felt like having a tea party of sorts (for myself mostly) and I got the chance to try one of these hot and the other iced. As Four Sigma Foods states on their website, they have made superfood mushrooms more accessible than ever with their line of Instant mushrooms. Just pour a packet into some hot or cold water, add some non-dairy milk or sweetener if you prefer and sip away!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Instant Cordyceps is described as a superfood mushroom drink with ginseng, to help give you an energy boost and aid in recovery. I found that it had a unique flavor, almost between coffee and tea. I decided to add a little coconut milk afterwards because I like my warm tea to have a little creaminess to it. Now, normally I don’t like black tea because of the caffeine. I will be awake literally the whole night if I have caffeine too late in the day. Thankfully this didn’t have that effect on me at all. If you’re looking for an energy boost but trying to quit caffeine, these Instant Cordycepts might be for you!

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comTo go with my shared cookies (made from Cappello’s Cookie Dough in case you wanted to know), a nice cold glass of Chaga mushrooms! This one did have a different flavor than the Cordycepts, and it was a little bit more earthy-tasting. I found that these Instant mushroom packs have a slightly rich, brothy flavor and because of that I really enjoyed them as I was getting over a small cold in the middle of winter this past week. I’ve heard that you can also mix these products into your morning smoothies or shakes, and I really can’t wait to try that out! 

Review of Four Sigma Foods @anotherhungryvegan.comNow, I know you’re wondering where you can get some of these for yourself. What’s awesome is that even if these particular products don’t appeal specifically to you, there is a variety for virtually anyone and everyone. Check out Four Sigma Foods’s Online Store and find the ‘shrooms that will suit your needs the best. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know which products you’re wanting to try first!

Sunbiotics – Organic Probiotics

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comHow often do you REALLY think about your digestion? It turns out that a lot of Americans are having more than tummy troubles because of antibiotics that kill good bacteria and lack of important nutrients in their diets. I mentioned earlier this year that I’ve been looking to add more fermented foods into my diet, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in how I feel. Why fermented foods especially? Because they have great probiotic benefits to help return any digestive system back to normal. And, you guessed it, that’s where this review of Sunbiotics comes in! Sunbiotics is one of the Windy City Organics brands that I was given the opportunity to try and review. See what I thought of their line of Probiotic Almonds, powder and more! Continue reading

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comFirst off, the almonds! It’s awesome to have this “healthy gourmet snack with the extra benefits of probiotics”, as Sunbiotics states on their website. The best part of these almonds is that they are made with sprouted, raw and organic almonds which means that they will already digest better than standard almonds. In addition, these have been enhanced with a vegan probiotic blend, with up to 8 billion CFU per package!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Chocolate almonds are lightly coated in cocoa powder. They’re not quite chocolate-covered, however they do have a nice richness when you combine the taste of the almond with the chocolate powder. The ingredients in this pouch are: organic sprouted raw almonds, organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut sugar, probiotic blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum I threw these almonds into a smoothie to make a cocoa-dusted almond milk base and it was incredible! You can expect to see the super sweet recipe sometime in the next few days over on my social media channels (see the links on the sidebar).

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Cheesy Almonds are made with a dusting of nooch and sea salt. These are lightly salty but nice and crunchy at the same time. I remember buying these a while back and they were one of my favorite flavors of all the Sunbiotics (and I think they still are). If you like nooch, I think you will enjoy these savory almonds. You could definitely crush some of these and throw them into some salad or pasta! Or possibly making a noochy sauce with the almonds thrown in!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comThe Truffle Almonds are a close second as my favorite of all the Sunbiotics. Like the name suggests, these are made with a truffle sea salt. They don’t have the cheesiness of the nutritional yeast-coated almonds but the salt adds an excellent savory factor. If you’re usually buying and eating salted, roasted almonds then this is a fantastic healthy alternative to try instead. Plus, you get the probiotic benefit that you won’t find in any standard nuts.

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comIf you’re hesitant to try the flavored almonds at all, I would seriously recommend going with the Original Almonds first. These are simply raw sprouted almonds enhanced with probiotics, but similar to the other almonds, they don’t taste different because of the probiotic blend. You could easily throw these into your oatmeal or make some trail mix and share it with your friends and family. No one needs to know that these almonds are great for healthy digestion!

Review of Sunbiotics - Organic Probiotics @anotherhungryvegan.comSunbiotics also makes a powder so that it’s easier than ever to include probiotics in your daily routine. The Vanilla-flavored powder is made with organic superfoods including vanilla, mesquite, and yacon root, which each add a prebiotic benefit as well. The best part? You only have to add a third of a teaspoon. That’s right, one of these little jars has 45 servings per container that you can mix into your regular meals. These also come in different flavors for kids and in a tablet form if that’s more up your alley. I’ll be posting a fun recipe tomorrow using this Probiotic Powder, but you can really throw it into just about anything!

IMG_7698And…I know you were thinking it already. Yes, Probiotic Chocolate Hearts! Kind of appropriate for February/Valentine’s Day, no? The difference between these chocolates and your standard chocolate pieces is that you treat them more like a vitamin. One jar has about 30 servings, which is roughly a one-month supply if you want to have one every day. Just like with the almonds, these hearts taste like dark chocolate and nothing else. If only all vitamins were this delicious, then you would never forget to take them! Now in the comments, I want to know if you’ve tried any of these products from Sunbiotics or what your favorite ways to incorporate probiotics into your diet are! Check out Sunbiotics if you’re looking to purchase online and try some of these for yourself!