Homemade (Vegan) Fig Newtons

IMG_4573 copyOne thing I love about summer definitely has to be enjoying figs, and when most people hear “figs” what do they think of? Fig Newtons! While I wasn’t that fond of the cookies before going vegan (and obviously don’t eat them anymore), we always had them in the house growing up because they are my dad’s favorite. I found myself with an abundance of dried figs so I FIGured (get it?) that I would have a go at the homemade version of the cookies. These are sure to amaze your friends and family because they not only taste even better than the store-bought brand, but they are also a lot healthier and there aren’t any preservatives!
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Homemade Vegan Fig Newtons
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Cookie Ingredients
  1. 2 cups unbleached flour
  2. 2 egg replacers (I use Ener-G)
  3. 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
  4. 1/3 cup maple syrup (I used about half brown sugar and half maple syrup)
  5. 1 tsp baking powder
  6. 2 tsp ground vanilla extract
  7. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  8. 2 Tbs almond milk
  9. 2 Tbs unsweetened applesauce
Filling Ingredients
  1. 15-20 dried figs
  2. 1 Tbs maple syrup
  3. water, as needed
  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 350. Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and set aside.
  2. 2. Mix the wet ingredients together in a separate bowl, then add in the dry ingredients to form a dough. Form the dough into a ball and then wrap and put in the fridge for about an hour.
  3. 3. While waiting for the dough to set, prepare the filling.
  4. 4. To make the filling, place the figs, and maple syrup into a food processor or high-speed blender and turn on. Add water if needed to mix things more thoroughly until you have a smooth filling.
  5. 5. Once firm, roll the dough onto a floured surface as flat and rectangle-shaped as possible (but not too flat).
  6. 6. Spread the fig mixture onto half of the dough and then fold the other half over (like you are sandwiching the filling between the two halves). Using a pizza cutter (or knife) cut the dough into matchstick sized rectangles.
  7. 7. Place on lined baking sheet and bake for about 12-15 minutes. The cookies should be slightly browned and the cookie part will be firm.
  1. You can leave these at room temperature to store, however some people may prefer them chilled in the fridge.
Adapted from My Whole Food Life
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Nectar House – Raw Vegan Brunch

Untitled-1Ah, another day well-spent at Nectar House in Denver. I was excited beyond belief when I heard about their Raw Vegan Brunch that takes place the 2nd Sunday of each month. I got a sneak peak of the menu ahead of time, and by then I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try some delicious, healthy, and raw vegan food! I even brought along my mom to share the experience with her.
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IMG_4944 copyFor starters, my mom ordered a Bloody Mary, which is free of alcohol but full of ingredients that get your morning (or afternoon) off to a good start. I even tried some and it was amazingly fresh and full of flavor. Also, it was a fabulous complement to the food part of brunch that the two of us shared.

IMG_4948 copyThe Sweet Crepes were fantastic! These were banana crepes, with fresh fruit, vegan sour cream, and chocolate mouse, topped with maple cherry sauce and shredded coconut. The crepe itself reminded me a little of a wrap in terms of texture, but it went along really well with the fruit filling, The crepe part had a mild banana flavor and I really enjoyed the different toppings and fillings, especially the chocolate mousse. This wasn’t overly rich in flavor, yet it was still completely satisfying.

IMG_4952My mom ordered the Rawkin’ French Toast, that includes a banana walnut french toast, topped with vegan greek yogurt, maple cherry sauce and fresh fruit. We both actually loved this dish even more than the crepes. The bread part tasted just like a sweet banana bread, yet it had a nice crunch to it. The greek yogurt with the maple cherry sauce was absolutely delicious, and the fruit tasted great as well. This is a must-try dish if you find yourself at Nectar House for brunch!

Go Raw Bars

Go Raw makes these wholesome, organic bars using ingredients such as seeds, fruit, dates, coconut and various superfoods. The bars are nice and portable and not too messy to eat, which is great if you’re looking for a good raw, organic on-the-go snack to keep you energized throughout the day. You can find these at a handful of natural food grocery stores, but they are also available online. It is recommended to consume these with a tall glass of water, and I find that it helps to make you feel more full when you eat them. I think due to the seeds in the bar, it’s best to have them with water for better digestion. Even if you don’t eat raw, studies have shown that raw food is really beneficial for all of us to have from time to time. What I love about these bars is that there are so few ingredients, they are gluten free, and many are allergen-friendly.
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IMG_3463The bars come in five flavors, and luckily I was able to find and try them all! The first bar I tried was Banana Bread, which was very crunchy but it definitely had a nice, sweet banana taste and the flax seeds reminded me of the consistency of bread. The next bar was Spirulina Energy which was one of my favorites! This bar was actually very sweet with a light banana and date flavor, and just a hint of the spirulina was present. The bar was little crispy on the edges so it reminded me of a sweet cracker. The next bar I tried was the Apricot, which was actually very chewy almost as if you were eating a dried apricot. This bar wasn’t my favorite but the flavor wasn’t unpleasant at all. The next bar I had was the Live Pumpkin, and honestly I’ve really taken a liking to raw pumpkin seeds lately. This one was also very crunchy due to the seeds and lightly sweet in flavor. Lastly, the Live Granola Bar tasted just like any less-sweet granola bar that I’ve had in the past. However this one is free of oats and nuts, and it is naturally sweetened with raisins and dates. What I love about these bars as a whole is that they are a decent size for an energy/granola bar, yet they make you feel full and energized after eating them. Because these have raw ingredients and aren’t sweetened with refined sugars, they are also a much healthier option than any traditional bar. Check to see if your local grocery store carries them here.

Classic Hummus

IMG_3787Who doesn’t love hummus? For me, it’s something I have almost every day either as part of a snack or lunch. Hummus is a healthy dip for veggies but it also makes a good sandwich spread and you can use it as a condiment alternative. There are plenty of varieties that I have tried, but I wanted to make my own for a change. This hummus was inspired by Oh She Glows, but it’s a little different because I adjusted mine by taste. Also rather than using canned chickpeas, I cooked mine from scratch which is much more economic and preservative-free method though it does take a little time. Anyway, feel free to try this recipe and adapt it any way you’d like, although this specific recipe turned out fantastic if I do say so myself! Continue reading

Classic Hummus
A delicious classic hummus recipe that goes well with just about everything!
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  1. 1 cup cooked chickpeas
  2. 1/2 tsp Himilayan salt, or to taste
  3. 1 garlic cloves (or about 1/2 teaspoon minced)
  4. 2 1/2 TBS tahini
  5. 4 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  6. water, if needed
  7. Olive oil, for drizzling
  8. Paprika, for garnish
  1. Begin by peeling the chickpeas (if you have time) by pinching one between your thumb and finger until the skin pops off. Discard the peels and place the chickpeas and other ingredients except the salt into a food processor or high-speed blender.
  2. Blend ingredients until you get a desired consistency, add a little water if needed. Finally add the salt to taste and pour into a bowl or container. If you'd like, refrigerate the hummus until serving.
  3. To serve, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle some paprika and parsley on top for garnish.
  1. If you are using canned chickpeas be sure to rinse them thoroughly.
Adapted from Oh She Glows
Adapted from Oh She Glows
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Native Foods – Cauliflower Power Sub

Native Foods recently had a special along with their new summer menu, and I just had to try out something new! I went there with my mom again, and she really wanted to try the special. We got to try each other’s dishes which I definitely recommend when it’s a “limited edition” menu item. Though the waitstaff did say that this might be on the menu for good now, at least at this Denver location. I also finally got to try a couple of new items that I will include here as well.
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IMG_1272For starters, the Watermelon Fresca was incredibly refreshing yet mild in flavor. It’s not overly sweet, but it has a nice cooling taste from the watermelon and mint. This is a great drink to cool down with on a hot summer’s day.

IMG_1289Now, this is the Cauliflower Power Sub which looks just slightly different from its picture in the ad. However, my mom and I both really liked it. It’s listed as a blend of roasted cauliflower, red onion, sweet red peppers, smashed chickpeas, arugula, and creamy spinach romesco sauce on a multi-grain baguette.” She said if it is on the menu for the long-term that she would absolutely order it again. The sauce paired really well with the roasted vegetables, and the bread was nice and soft. I don’t usually order fries but these seasoned ones were excellent. The watermelon slice was a nice added touch to give this a summer meal feeling.

IMG_1320I had been eyeing the French Market Muffaletta on the Native Foods summer menu since it first appeared, so that’s exactly what I ordered! This is a great, filling handhold with house-made Native Proteins; corned beef, pepper steak, and smoked bacon with spicy vegetable relish. This type of bread was a great choice for the sandwich because it was chewy yet soft. Although I would’ve preferred something with more veggies, I think this sandwich would be great for any former (or current) meat-lover!

IMG_4183I ordered dessert to bring home, not surprisingly. This is the Zucchini Date Cake, which I’ve heard wonderful things about! The description of it is a light and moist cake made with fresh orange juice, dates and swirled with zucchini ribbons. Served with coconut caramel sauce. Despite the name, which may throw some people off, this was still incredibly sweet and well-flavored. The sauce really made it that much better, but even on its own the cake tasted like a sweet zucchini bread. What I love about this also is how portable it is, compared with some of the others at Native Foods. Next time you go there, definitely save room for this dessert!

BLovely Vegan Baked Goods – Treats from VegFest 2014

IMG_4283This Summer’s VegFest was a blast! I had a great time walking around and seeing all the vendors, trying samples and meeting new people. One vendor that was there again was BLovely Vegan Baked Goods, and naturally I had to buy a few items to have later at home (and some to share). I’ve reviewed the treats on this blog in the past, but I always love to try something new. The first that I tried was this Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. The cake was nice and chocolately yet not dry or overly sweet, and the peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle made this cake just perfectly decadent. This was a winner for sure! Continue reading

IMG_4353I picked this up because it’s been way too long since I’ve had any vegan caramel corn. This variety from BLovely was absolutely delightful! Perfectly sweet and crunchy, just like any good-quality caramel corn should be. I even gave some of this to family and they would’ve never guessed that it was vegan!

IMG_4407-RecoveredNow, I don’t usually gravitate towards carrot cake, but this sounded good at the time…and it really was wonderful! The cake had a nice balance of spices throughout, but my favorite part was the cream cheese frosting. The cake paired with the frosting was such an impeccable match, I’m so glad I decided to pick this up and try it!

Super Easy Lemon & Garlic Mayo

IMG_3927This isn’t much of a recipe, it’s technically a really quick dip you can throw together with ingredients that are most likely in your kitchen right now. This dip is fantastic with artichokes, but you could also use it for other veggies or as a sandwich spread with an enhanced flavor. Vegenaise is probably my favorite vegan mayo (at least that I’ve tried), and you can find it at most natural grocery stores nowadays!
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Super Easy Lemon & Garlic Mayo
Serves 1
A really quick recipe to kick your vegan mayo up a notch!
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  1. 1/3 cup vegan mayo (I use Vegenaise)
  2. Juice from 1/2 a small lemon
  3. 1/2-1 tsp minced garlic (depending on how much you prefer)
  4. dash of red (cayenne) pepper
  1. Mix the following ingredients in a small bowl, with a whisk or spoon. Taste and add additional measurements of the ingredients if necessary.
  1. You can also add a dash of salt or black pepper, or less lemon juice if you don't like it quite as lemony.
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Sputnik Raw Vegan (Hip Hop) Night – Denver, CO

Sputnik had another Raw Vegan Night, and since I liked the others so much I just had to go to this one too! The theme was hip-hop, so of course they had this type of music playing and the menu was inspired by it. As usual this was on a Wednesday, and I found out about the event through Sputnik’s Facebook page. They posted the menu before the event and everything sounded splendid as usual! Continue reading

IMG_1101_2For starters I ordered the Watermelon Gazpacho, “a spicy tomato & watermelon chilled soup with pickled rinds, sprouted watermelon seeds, and avocado crema”. Wow, did this have a kick to it! It had a salsa-like texture and taste because it was chilled, but the watermelon was a nice touch and it really helped to cool down the heat of the soup’s spiciness. This was a wonderful option for summer since it was a hot day outside.

IMG_1093_2The Moroccan Kebabs were something that was ordered at the table I sat at, but I got the chance to try some of the food too. This dish included “marinated portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and onions served with a side moroccan carrot salad and cumber mint tzatziki”. I thought this was a really clever dish because it looked a lot like traditional kebabs. The veggies tasted really great with the dip which was very refreshing. The carrot salad also had an interesting taste although I can’t quite place it.

IMG_1119_2Last but not least, I finally decided to order dessert this time. It was a raw cheesecake (one of my all-time favorite desserts) with “macadamia and cashew cheese cake topped with blueberry compote”. As expected, this was incredibly tasty! It had a very nutty taste from the cashew and macadamia nuts, and just a hint of berries. My only complaint would be that it was a little small, but that just made me savor it even more.

Alternative Baking Company – Cookies of the Season

I have tried and reviewed all of ABC’s Original Cookies, but I was delighted when they started doing a “Cookie of the Season” flavor. Basically at different times of the year, ABC will release a limited edition flavor. The first I’ll mention was this Mac the Chip. It’s basically a chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts. For a chocolate chip cookie, this was fantastic! Although there weren’t a ton of macadamia nuts but I did appreciate the crunch that they gave the cookie.
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IMG_9473The next seasonal cookie is Kandy Kane Fudge. This one was honestly just ok. I felt that the candy cane bits tasted off with the actual cookie, and it didn’t have an authentic mint taste. The chocolate flavor really wasn’t as “fudgy” as I was hoping for. I would say if you missed this seasonal flavor, don’t feel too bad.

tumblr_mgnikrLKpI1s3uefeo10_1280-767x1024Cranberry Orange MuffinCookie with Walnuts was one of the first I ever tried (hence this old and poor-quality photo). I want to say I liked this cookie because I have always loved cranberry orange muffins. However, this didn’t really have a reminiscent flavor for me, and I thought the texture of the “muffincookie” was a bit odd. At least if they don’t bring it back after the season I can say that I tried it.

Raspberry Mocha Protein Smoothie

IMG_2838It’s no mystery that I’m a lover of smoothies on this blog. I make an effort to have at least one smoothie a day, usually in the morning, because they are a great way to get in more fruits (and veggies), essential nutrients and hydration in general. I love protein smoothies for their consistency and how filling they are. With chocolate, vanilla, and other flavored plant-based protein powders these days, the possibilities really are endless in terms of what you can make. I love creating dessert-like smoothie recipes because they are a healthier alternative to milkshakes or say, frappuccinos, but they taste just as good if not better! Here is another coffee protein smoothie featuring Chameleon Cold Brew which is my favorite fair trade and organic coffee (take that Starbucks!). Continue reading

Raspberry Mocha Protein Smoothie
Serves 1
A great morning smoothie to replace your coffeehouse raspberry mocha!
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  1. 1/2 cup flax milk
  2. 1/2 cup mocha Chameleon Cold Brew (or alternative coffee)
  3. 1/2 tsp maca powder
  4. 1 scoop chocolate protein (I use Growing Naturals Rice Protein)
  5. 1 TBS cacao powder
  6. 1 frozen banana
  7. 1 cup frozen raspberries
  8. 1 TBS vanilla agave or alternative sweetener
  9. Ice
  1. Place the ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a smooth and thick consistency. Add more sweetener or ice if necessary.
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Native Foods, Thursday Special 6/19 – Denver, CO

IMG_8603We recently had a new location of Native Foods open in Denver, so I couldn’t wait to check it out. Since it was during the week on a day I don’t usually go to Native Foods, I decided to order the special which is the Portobello & Sausage Burger. On the days that you order a special, your sides come with the meal so it’s a good option to save a few bucks. Continue reading

IMG_8626I started off with the soup of the day which was the Gumbo N’ Greens. Even though it was a hot day outside, this soup really hit the spot. The flavor was well-balanced and I loved how hearty and chewy this was. I’ve never had actual gumbo, but I think this was fantastic!

IMG_8633The Portobello & Sausage burger looked very appetizing to start with. This is advertized as “Juicy grilled portobellos, our homemade Native Sausage Seitan, caramelized onions, pomodoro, sweet roasted garlic, creamy pumpkin seed pesto and mayo.” First off, I really loved the dressings on here, particularly the pesto. It went really well with the flavor of the onions and garlic, though the whole garlic pieces were an unexpected component of the burger. The mushrooms were very chewy, and because they are so large this was a bit of a challenge to chew through. I really liked the seitan sausage, as I happen to be a big fan of seitan in general. Overall this was a great meal and I was glad that I got the chance to try it!

IMG_2687As I was paying for my food, I was told about the new dessert special going on this summer, the Lucky 7 Strawberry Parfait. It is described as “Layered ripe organic strawberries, almond crema, vanilla cupcake chunks. Back by popular demand for the 7th year in a row!” I definitely couldn’t pass this up, especially since it’s not on the menu all-year round. I was full from my meal, but I brought this home to have later and it definitely transported well. Basically this tasted like a strawberry shortcake in parfait-form with the almond cream and cupcake chunks. It was tasty, although still not as good as the Peanut Butter Parfait which is my all-time favorite dessert from Native Foods.

Beyond Meat – Beef-Free Crumbles

IMG_0820Beyond Meat was incredibly generous and sent me a ton of goodies, including coupons to try their products out in new recipes! I have tried out all their Chicken-Free strip varieties so I was absolutely delighted when I found out that they were coming out with a Beefless variety in two different flavors. The New Beef-Free Crumbles are full of protein while also being free of both gluten and soy! They are a great addition to many different recipes that are sure to shock any meat-eater or vegan alike.
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IMG_4161The Beefy crumbles are basically the original ones. These are lightly seasoned so they are perfect in virtually any recipe that you would use actual beef in. These are chewy and flavorful on their own, but they make a great addition to different dishes. Since they’re super easy to cook, you can even use them in party appetizers or in meals for the whole family!

IMG_5499First off, Beyond Meat makes some terrific nachos on top of some Late July Sea Salt chips, Daiya cheddar cheese, and with salsa or guacamole on top. Make this at your next get-together and people won’t even know that it’s vegan!

IMG_9059Beyond Meat crumbles are the perfect size for a pizza topping. This is the Amy’s gluten/dairy free Spinach pizza on a rice crust. Even with the Beef-free crumbles, this is still completely gluten-free so it’s sure to be a good meal option for basically anyone.

IMG_1349Next up are the Feisty Beef-Free Crumbles. These have a slight kick to them, as the name would suggest. These are perfect in any recipe that you would normally have spicy beef. In my opinion, it goes great with some vegan cheese, avocado, bell peppers, cilantro, and salsa!

IMG_1380Speaking of vegan cheese, I used Daiya Havarti & Jack Cheese along with the Feisty Crumbles to make nachos. Topped with red bell pepper, cilantro, avocado, and salsa. The ultimate party or comfort food for all of us!

IMG_1535I threw together a beans and rice dinner, but kicked it up a notch with the Beyond Meat crumbles, some bell pepper, and cilantro. This is a heart and filling meal that can easily be modified with other toppings, such as salsa or even hot sauce.

IMG_1470Sometimes I’m inspired by the people around me and what they’re eating that I decide to recreate a vegan version of their food. This is a Beyond Meat burrito bowl, using romaine lettuce, black beans, the Feisty crumbles, avocado, red bell pepper, salsa, and cilantro.

Watercourse Foods, Dining for VegFest – Denver, CO

IMG_0852_2Watercourse Foods does non-profit Mondays, basically as a fundraiser for different non-profit organizations. A portion of the profits on the day that I went were donated to VegFest Colorado, which I will definitely be going to this year in July! My mom came along and we got there at the perfect time. Since it was a Monday, a lot of people were probably going home from work first but we decided to meet up and go there directly from work. It wasn’t too crowded at first but slowly but surely more and more people started to rush in. By the time we left, there was already a line of people waiting to be seated. I’d say this was a successful fundraiser for Watercourse and VegFest!
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IMG_0854_2My mom and I decided to order a couple of things and share them. However, I ended up eating most of this dish since I ordered it. It’s the BBQ Plate – BBQ jack fruit, and mac ‘n’ cheese and coleslaw as my two sides, and this was also served with hush puppies. This was a great summer meal that made me feel like I was at a BBQ! I absolutely loved the mac ‘n’ cheese, which was creamy and rich. Now, I wouldn’t confuse it for a non-vegan mac n’ cheese, but I actually prefer this over the traditional dish. The BBQ jackfruit had a nice smoky sauce and the texture was very similar to meat. This was my first time trying jackfruit and it definitely has a unique texture! Even the coleslaw was tasty, and the hush puppies were great as well.

IMG_0868_2We ordered a small side of fried green tomatoes. Though I’ve literally only had these once before, they have a nice crispiness and texture that is very appealing. If you like trying fried foods from time to time, then these are a great side to order (or as an appetizer).

IMG_0883_2My mom really wanted to order the Barley Sausage Bolognese, which comes with “roasted tomatoes, barley sausage, spinach, roasted pepper sauce, and linguine.  Topped with fresh basil and served with garlic bread”. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the barley sausage really did taste just like what you would get in a traditional bolognese sauce. The sauce itself was very flavorful and the spinach and roasted tomatoes added some extra chewiness. My only complaint would be that the bread (at least the portion I had) didn’t taste like garlic bread to me, but more like plain bread. Regardless, this was still an excellent dish.

IMG_0899_2I couldn’t leave without taking dessert home. Plus the proceeds are going to an excellent cause and Watercourse has some fantastic desserts. I decided to take home a Ho Ho Cupcake, since I figured it would transport well and it sounded good at the time. Honestly I can’t even remember if I’ve had an actual Ho Ho before but this was probably even better than the original! The chocolate cupcake wasn’t dry at all, but the chocolate frosting and cream on the top and the inside of the cake were my favorite part! This is definitely something you’ll want to either save room for or take home to enjoy for dessert later.

Black Forest Protein Smoothie

IMG_2196Chocolate and cherries is a combo that is pretty underrated, especially when it comes to smoothies. I thought about making a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie, but then I remembered I picked up some frozen cherries and I decided to give those a try. Oh, what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! This smoothie is sweet and decadent, while still being nutritious with at least three servings of fruit and a scoop of protein powder. My protein powder of choice lately is the Chocolate Power Protein, an organic brown rice protein, from Growing Naturals. This seems to have a nice flavor when mixed with fruit and ice, although sometimes I will add a little agave or dates to add an extra kick of sweetness. If you have chocolate protein powder, bananas, and cherries on hand, this is a must-try!  Continue reading

Black Forest Protein Smoothie
Serves 1
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  1. 1 cup unsweetened (or vanilla-flavored) non-dairy milk
  2. 1 scoop chocolate plant-based protein powder
  3. 1 frozen banana
  4. 1 heaping cup frozen cherries (the dark variety)
  5. 1 TBS vanilla agave, or alternative sweetener
  6. ice
  7. Cacao nibs for garnish (optional)
  1. Combine the ingredients into a blender in the order they are listed and blend. Add more liquid if necessary, and additional ice may be added if you are using fresh rather than frozen fruit.
Another Hungry Vegan http://anotherhungryvegan.com/

Paderno – Vegetable Spiralizer

IMG_9911I don’t typically review kitchen tools on my blog, however this is a gadget that I have been using a lot lately and I wanted to share it with everyone. This Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer, or Spiralizer (as most people will call it), is a fantastic tool that was on my birthday list. I actually ended up winning it from a giveaway, though you can purchase these on amazon.com or at Williams Sonoma. You can use it for many vegetables, including zucchini, carrots, cucumber, beets, and even potatoes! It makes some truly beautiful toppings for salads, and you can also use it to create your own healthy/gluten-free noodles. It comes with three attachments: one for ribbon cuts, and two for different-sized noodles. This kitchen tool is one that I definitely couldn’t imagine myself without, and it’s also a lot of fun to use!
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Here is a salad with spiralized cucumber, carrots, beets, and onion with other toppings. The noodle-like toppings make this a different eating experience. The spiraled veggies would likely appeal to kids as well, who might feel like they’re eating spaghetti!

IMG_0642Speaking of spaghetti, I created my own zucchini pasta, topped with marinara and Gardein’s Gluten-free Beefless Ground. This was a surprisingly filling dish but it’s perfect for anyone with gluten sensitivities or allergies. As an added bonus, you don’t need to wait for water to boil to cook the noodles! Just warm them in the microwave or lightly water sauté, although many people enjoy their zucchini noodles in their raw form, for an al-dente pasta-like taste.