Watercourse Foods – Gluten-Free Options

I REALLY love Watercourse Foods. I actually had never been there until they became an all-vegan (from vegetarian) restaurant this year. Ever since, I find myself wanting to go there all the time because I love to support all-vegan places that are local to Denver. I was looking on their menu and I saw that they had a wide variety of gluten-free options, and everything sounded so good I just had to go over there! They even have gluten-free bread available on request, which is also a plus! I got to meet Vegan Koala here for the first time while she was passing through Denver. She’s currently on a road trip around the country so you should definitely check out here blog when you get the chance! We had a great time and really enjoyed the food too!

It was hot outside, weather-wise so I was really craving a milkshake. I can’t even tell you the last time I went out to eat and was able to order a vegan one! This is the Bananas Foster Milkshake, made with caramelized bananas, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. This was even better than it sounds, a sweet and decadent milkshake that’s a great alternative to ordering dessert.

I have been wanting to try Cauliflower Wings forever, so I finally went for it! You can order these as an appetizer and I highly recommend sharing them with your whole table. These crispy cauliflower wings are tossed in both buffalo sauce and Memphis BBQ, and served with ranch, blue cheese and celery. You have the option of ordering all-spicy or all-mild as well if you’d like. Just a warning, if  you are highly sensitive to gluten these are fried in the same liquid as items containing gluten but they do not directly contain gluten themselves. These tasted so similar to traditional buffalo wings I couldn’t believe it! I definitely took leftovers to go because this came as a large portion, and they were still super tasty later on. Next time I go with a group of people, I’m definitely recommending these for the table!