Gluten-Free on the Go

Sometimes, you just have to grab a quick bite to eat when you’re out and about. I was out volunteering one day and I picked up lunch for a few people, so I decided to get this Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl from Native Foods. I wanted something hearty yet still healthy, and this bowl is made with tofu marinated in a fragrant Moroccan sauce, grilled vegetables and steamed quinoa, raisins, and toasted almonds. I loved the sauce that it came with, and it really complimented the quinoa and vegetables! The tofu wasn’t super strong in flavor (maybe it wasn’t as marinated), but the sauce helped a lot. This was fantastic warm and still delicious after being chilled and eaten as a quinoa salad, and nice and filling as well.

I also made my way to Protein Bar in Denver again and decided to order one of their salads. This is the Superfood Vegan, made with Marinated organic tofu, kale, toasted pepitas, chickpeas, and house-made Creamy Chia dressing over a Super 6 Salad Mix. This was incredibly filling for a salad and the portion size was really generous as well. I can’t stand it when I go out to get a salad and they serve it in a tiny bowl. The tofu, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds were a great source of protein and they gave took the salad to a new level. I really loved the dressing as well, and I found that the amount on the salad was just perfect.

IMG_3859Lastly, I got the Pike’s Pealed on a separate trip to Protein Bar. To make it vegan, I ordered this with their vegan chocolate protein, coconut milk, organic peanut butter, banana, and organic agave nectar. I usually get the almond milk but coconut milk sounded really appealing at the time. I like the fact that even for a place that’s not completely vegan, you can customize almost anything to be plant-based with almond, soy and coconut milk, vegan cheese, tofu, and more! This had such a lovely, rich flavor that kept me full and energized for the entire afternoon.