Protein Bar – Denver, CO

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Protein Bar is a high-protein and vegan-friendly place located in several locations around Chicago, Washington DC, and now Colorado. They can easily veganize many items on their menu such as burritos and salads. I was really excited to try their protein shakes, because they have no added syrups, concentrates, juices, or other weird ingredients. I think this is a great place to come to if you find yourself out and about, looking for a high-protein shake or meal to keep you satisfied until later in the day.

I found the atmosphere to be very modern and simplified. I think that’s also reflected in their food, which uses simple ingredients with plenty of nutrition and of course, protein. Blended drinks can be made with soy, almond, or coconut milk and it’s great to have such options.

IMG_2260_2They have some inspirational messages around the restaurant, including “not all calories are created equally-choose wisely” which I really admire. They also have some juices available and some snack options, some of which may be vegan.

IMG_2357_2This is the Ski-Nut Butter & Jelly, though it might be called something different if you are at a different location. I love that the menu items are customized depending on which Protein Bar you are at! To make it vegan I ordered vegan vanilla protein and almond milk, and it also is made with organic peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, and organic agave nectar. I thought this was a pretty good smoothie and even though I got the small (12 oz) size, I felt it was filling enough until dinner time later in the day.

IMG_2248_2In contrast, I decided to get the large size the next time I came in. This is the BGT (Boulder Green Tea) that I had made with vegan vanilla protein, almond milk, matcha, and a banana. The matcha flavor wasn’t super strong, but the vanilla flavored-protein was definitely noticeable. I thought this had a nice, sweet taste for only a few ingredients. If I can, I think if I get this again I will ask for more matcha powder.